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  1. Sukhjitkamal: Well said & couldn't agree more. I wanted to write something very similar but seeing as you've already done so, there seemed little point in me regurgitating it, but I do feel exactly the same. I've literally just received my 2019 subscribers gift, over 8 months (Sept, 4th 2019 to May 18th, 2020) after renewing my 12 month membership (it's really poor, and there is no excuse that I can see.) As you say we do it as we are fans. Under any other circumstance, if you were treated like this as a customer of a business you'd NEVER give them your custom again. During the COVID loc
  2. Yes, me too. I came on here to see if anyone else has had the same. Admin's, if you're reading this, anything you can help with, please?
  3. Check this webcam link out. You can see that they've already started work on the stage construction. It looks like the stage will face north towards the National Gallery. https://www.lookr.com/lookout/1368178444-London
  4. Damn, I was unlucky too. If anyone, who has got lucky, and has a spare ticket I'd be happy to pay for it or trade? I have a few U2 rarities such as Record Store Day limited editions I'd be happy to off-load. Thanks.
  5. Hi, If anybody ordered the Achtung Baby - Uber Edition from Amazon.ca (Amazon Canada) can they please post here to indicate whether or not it has been shipped to you? If it has could you please kindly indicate approximately when you placed your order? Please help out a desperate fan who is trying to find our why Amazon.ca has delayed his order until mid December (If I get it at all!) Many thanks for your time and help. Kind Regards, Scott
  6. Can anybody who has actually received one of these boxes please post here so we have some proof that they've actually gone out? There's a mysterious lack of them (i.e none at the time of writing) on ebay and I can't believe that nobody tried to get one just to sell on ebay, andexploit real fans/collectors like myself, who'll probably end up paying way to much for one because I can't get one anywhere else.
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