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  1. what, what???? Gibbo was banned *sigh* ...... I guess the good thing is it's only for a month, but still seems crazy to me. Gibbo has my support, he always had my back (as well as many others) when the great banning a few years ago occurred.
  2. I saw Lawrence and his own lil Falcon Gibbo, haha brings back some great memories and fun fun times
  3. LOL, it feels weird in here, I'm used to the facebook commands, so I'm discombulated in here. Hello hello everybody
  4. *slides into thread* sorry I'm late Gibbo had unavoidable errands I had to run....woooohoooooo these pics are just awesome, thanks so much for all who posted. WOW you guys got some good shots of my favorite green guitar
  5. awesome picture Emily, ones you will treasure for a lifetime!!! So happy for you
  6. Emily, what a story. So glad you had your moment, thanks for sharing it with us
  7. um sorry if this has been asked before, but where is the set list for NZ? Is there no thread on the free side for those of us who are no longer subscribers to follow along or check it when we can? Thanks in advance
  8. Just beautiful!!! I miss you Noreen. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about your kindness, your laughter, your pure joy of life. So glad I had you for a brief moment in my life. You were one of a kind and I'll see you again someday. I know that this is not goodbye.
  9. Best news EVER....so happy for my Aussie friends and all the zoops in NZ as well. It's gonna be a GREAT December. Leonie, you ready????????????????? (silly question) WOOOHOOOOOO!!!
  10. haha well obviously us 50 year olds are gonna rule the world. THANK YOU so much for the wishes Lani. Tina you are still a young one, and Mike, it's not that bad, although some days my joints tell my brain, knock it off doofus, you're not 25 anymore
  11. Wishing you all the best in your recovery. All the best from Tucson, Arizona Tammi
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