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    1983 Norfolk, Virginia, USA
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    1983 Chrysler Hall Norfolk, Va.
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  1. To somehow get to one more U2 show. My first one was 1983 at Chrysler Hall, Norfolk, Va. At 76 years old, the tickets are expensive and D.C. is almost 5 hour drive. But it is a lovely wish!!
  2. 1st show was 1983 like this ticket stub shows. My daughter and I have been to 5 or 6 shows, funny I don't remember the count. I'm old and forget stuff. Will be 76 this year. I know ..what? That's what I say. Have huge collection of U2 stuff .
  3. I remember when I could afford a ticket. That's my ticket stub from 1983 show. Came in the mail!!
  4. Found it but had to look to email and password page, but there it was. Thanks all!!
  5. What is my account info page and where do I find it?
  6. Late to this ,as usual, but am ready to go. Am in wired group too as have not been a member for few years. I changed my photo to show my ticket stub for my 1st U2 concert in 1983. Also there is membership card issued in 1985. That was my first and this will be my last. At 75 yrs. old, it does get harder . My kids are coming with again. Any info greatly appreciated!
  7. I'm in love with U2 all over again. Singing along with songs new and old put a smile on my face. Thanks U2!!
  8. I am so sorry. Losing a parent just sucks!!
  9. Thank you all for the cards!! :rolleyes: Merry Christmas All :D
  10. My first U2 concert was in Norfolk, Virginia in 1983. My daughter, who was then , 8 years old was the only person who would go with me and has gone with to every U2 show since. A young Bono climbing to the top of the speakers, so close we almost touch. I have been to many concerts over the years but NOT one of them can compare. It was the best!! I posted a picture of my tickets, parking stub, and newspaper review from that show on my Facebook page as I don't know how to upload them here.
  11. Rolling Stone.com just posted Bono saying that it will be next year. I am getting older by the minute waiting and will probably be dead by the next album , so HURRY UP already!!
  12. 10 884 Haven't been here in quite awhile. Looking forward to new music!!!
  13. I am one of the lucky ones, I have Propaganda issues from the early years. Very early years ..as in the 1980's. Some of them were rather thin and some were jammed pack but all were terrific.
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