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  1. Exactly what I thought when I listened to the song a second time. Reminded me of Ghost Inside a bit (put on the video so you can hear for yourself; besides to compare, it's a good excuse to watch a video with Christina Hendricks in it, ha ha)
  2. [quote name='Jake99 wrote: thetak1']I swear if U2 release a wannabe pop album, I will leave them for good. Are they out of their mind working with this songwriter? Stick with Danger Mouse. He's the man you want if you want another masterpiece. And stick with him for the entire album, not just one or two songs. I, like Homer here agrees with Edge's guitar in hand! I've seen in the past where bands float something like this to find out if fans are willing to accept it and either pursue or abandon it according to the reaction. I really hope that's the case here. They (and by "th
  3. You're probably right. That said, I'd be VERY surprised if they don't play it at Glastonbury next month....
  4. [quote name='ceallach67 wrote: TCarlin5 wrote: ceallach67']Especially after that little run in with the FCC after dropping the f-bomb on the Golden Globes. And the vow to "keep F#(king up the mainstream" on the Grammys in 1994. HA! Right. Wasn't that because he was a little miffed they won the Grammy for best alternative album for Zooropa? Don't remember; I do remember his "apology" in the press room after was hilariously insincere...
  5. [quote name='ceallach67 wrote: Max Tsukino']Yes, we are aware that Bono uses profanity... but it also have to be noticed that profanity is not the basis of his arguments - as of today, U2 albums doesn't carry any warning about explicit lyrics and not every interview he makes uses electronic bleeping. I think that, in the end, he knows when and where to use them... Especially after that little run in with the FCC after dropping the f-bomb on the Golden Globes. And the vow to "keep F#(king up the mainstream" on the Grammys in 1994.
  6. [quote name='North Bowman wrote: hornswaggle wrote: tracy c.']Gibbo is/was a National Treasure...I miss him so. U2.com did away with him forever more. Is he the skinny one in that picture of yours then? LOL...that would be me.Bowman's about twice Gibbo's height. (the Gibbo jokes really don't work anymore when he's not here to call me a horse's arse for making 'em and threatening to head-butt me in the ghoulies)
  7. [quote name='Bajagirl wrote: MrsFish']I have a question. If the use of profanity is frowned upon and posts removed because of it, why isn't there a filter on the boards?! We have tried that, and members will use other words, different spellings and such to get around the filter, plus it seems childish and only makes members post more. Plus from what I remember the filter had a list of words it just automatically censored and didn't take context into account, so some words that have tame variations were getting censored which made the posts look worse than the statment's actual inte
  8. Yup, sounds like North America is the end of the road for 360. I'm more disappointed about the lack of new album myself; I was hoping for some new material to be debuted this leg. And welcome!
  9. [quote name='barbara1 wrote: barbara1 wrote: TCarlin5']Waborita, perhaps? i beg your pardon? wabowhat?? (off to google it!) its a tequila-cocktail, right? never heard of it. is it any good?Never tried it, but I've heard nothing but good things about it...
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