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  1. I've coped with all the delays so far but this is extreme . I'm gonna jump on the Linkin Park tour . Many fans have spent many $$'s over the years and I feel let down just now . U2.shite should inform us of these things not NME.com or Rolling Stone . Where do I get my sub refund ?
  2. My lies ? Your having a giraffe . Oh boy . Ask the people who went on tour with her
  3. I'm referring to the same as Basher . It appears you're out the loop . Was his puppy given no food tonight ?
  4. The topic Basher is referring to
  5. Thanks Che . Now ask Basher to PM you the photographic proof he has
  6. Just read this's update . 3 security and 2 cops told us it was a female U2 worker started the new line . Some went to see and came back saying it was Baja . That was the first time I'd heard of her . I'm sorry I mentiond it now and blaming the wrong person . Sorry Bajagirl for saying it was you to others
  7. [quote name='wahine wrote: josh1593']Actually they did bring us a live feed with excellent audio of the concert, so check you information before talking. WE TAKE 1 TO 2 YEARS TO TALK, BUT IT TAKE US A WHOLE LIFE TO LEARN TO SHUT. I did not listen through U2.com I was direct on the radio station and it was EXCELLENT! Had nothing to do with U2.com unless maybe they footed some cash their way but that station got more exposure than probably any station that day. I gave up my membership a long, long time ago. It was a waste of money especially if the band was not touring.Thank you wahine for confirming the thead
  8. Mr Nipple says good night . And also to you suckers that read this shite
  9. Wanna start something ? Tell me where and when
  10. Then U2.com send me an email to vote for their site . I gave it to Justin Bieber
  11. I'm refering to the first link where U2.com mods want praise for giving it to us . Even a numpty van tune a radio and record and never heard of U2.com . This is doing me no good . More posts tonight than the last 5 years
  12. Wanna bet yor ass on that ? I was in hodpital and got it on DAB
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