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  1. As a further update, my better half received an email with a code following her purchase of the album. She has no recollection of buying the album. Email is from do_not_reply@inbound.vice-versa.info maDY5 Is this a spam / phishing email.?
  2. Thanks Max I'm sure if there is update you'll keep us informed
  3. Have received email with code for pre sale after ordering the album through U2.com It states the valid window is 9am Monday 22nd January to 5pm 24th January What happens with people who want to try for Belfast / Dublin tickets Will there be a new date to redeem codes????
  4. Its disappointing again They could slot in a scaled back show in the 15th or 16th. Its hard to choose who is the biggest comedian Kevin Bridges or Live Nation
  5. Easy solution to buy a cheap O2 sim only and you get priority
  6. Thanks Max for the links and keeping us updated and all periscopes Wish we could have been there but We saw and heard happy days
  7. As long as everyone enjoys it We have to remember these periscopes are provided by people taking time of their gig to let us watch
  8. Thanks Bigwave Few things for me to think about My interpretation based on your reply would be 1. As I've already used a pre sale code for this leg, when I re-subscribe then my new presale code could not be used for the ?soon to be announced Dublin shows, as they would be part of 'this leg'. If towards the end of the year U2 announce a 2016 stadium tour them my sale code would apply then. If I were to let my membership lapse and rejoin before Dublin shows then my new pre sale codes would apply to Dublin ticket sale. Don't want my membership to lapse but, as a means to secu
  9. My current subscription is due to expire beginning of February I have a couple of question which myself and others who's subscription expire soon may want answers for 1. As a re subscriber will I be issued with a new opertunity to obtain tickets in a pre sale? This is in relation to the yet to be announced Dublin concerts If the Dublin presale is after my re subscription date, will I be able to use this membership quota for these concerts? 2. If re subscribing will this put me in Experience or Innocence group ? 3. I was informed by a member on here that they were able t
  10. Hopefully you will be able to save/transfer your photo's and stuff I'm sure there should be an option to connect your phone to a PC and backup all that is on your phone There are often options to backup your phone contents to ?cloud storage, don't know what the Blackberry options are After having a micro sd card go tits up on a previous phone and losing hundreds of pictures I back up on a daily basis If you have any problems, post on here and I'm sure many will offer help
  11. If your last one was a Sumsung d/l Kies and use that to transfer between phones
  12. Very nice Now you'll have a lovely evening transferring everything from your old phone to your new phone What phone did you have before ?
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