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  1. As a further update, my better half received an email with a code following her purchase of the album. She has no recollection of buying the album. Email is from do_not_reply@inbound.vice-versa.info maDY5 Is this a spam / phishing email.?
  2. Thanks Max I'm sure if there is update you'll keep us informed
  3. Have received email with code for pre sale after ordering the album through U2.com It states the valid window is 9am Monday 22nd January to 5pm 24th January What happens with people who want to try for Belfast / Dublin tickets Will there be a new date to redeem codes????
  4. Its disappointing again They could slot in a scaled back show in the 15th or 16th. Its hard to choose who is the biggest comedian Kevin Bridges or Live Nation
  5. Easy solution to buy a cheap O2 sim only and you get priority
  6. The three downloads are on a constant loop in my car If the rest of the album is as good as these 3 then I'm going to be a happy bunny. This is Adam and Larry 's at their best Tickets now would be icing on the cake
  7. Thanks Max for the links and keeping us updated and all periscopes Wish we could have been there but We saw and heard happy days
  8. As long as everyone enjoys it We have to remember these periscopes are provided by people taking time of their gig to let us watch
  9. The Waterboys supported them as did the Pogues Trying to create the same atmosphere as the original Joshua tour
  10. If you're a Dubs man you will be glad of another Leinster title That's one of the reasons they kept the Hill the way it is Easy to set up for concerts and they can pull the stage back to give more standing room on the pitch
  11. Long shot Was unable to get tickets on the pre sale so yet to see this tour If anyone finds themselves in the unfortunate position of not being able to attend could you consider selling me your tickets Looking for 2 GA's for Dublin Many thanks
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