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  1. u2zoo24 wrote:

    I have been very active in this thread stating that the two cannot and should not be compared.

    My final final thought.


    How beloved and popular are the Beatles you ask?



    Well...When thier former lead singer was accussed of BEATING A ONE ARMED WOMEN. He was pretty much left unscathed. Both in the media and the publics general opinion. Celebritys and the public sided with Paul instantly. Some public figures even came out attacking Heather Mills with no knowledge of what really happened.


    How many other celebritys can say that?


    One photoshopped picture of a girl standing NEAR Bono in a bikini and the press and public were all over him. Like he was hitting on them, paaalease.... Besides I think Bono could do a bit better than two saggy chicks (one with a nose like W.C. Fields) No offense intended to our female readers, i'm saggy myself in a few spots......but lets be honest. Even if Bono is checking her out how do you know he's not turning her away? "Well ladies it's tempting...but i'm married." Anyways he's a rockstar. If he turned them down there would have to be something wrong with him. That's why we love Bono. There is something wrong with him. He's different.


    My final thought....Nuff said.

    I think its just that The Beatles are More Powerful than U2.


    but then again they were Bigger than Beatles..


    ok.. Thread's not finish yet.. lol

  2. After Charles Manson heard the No Line on The Horizon album by U2.

    here's what he thinks its a connection to the Beatles, white album.


    No Line on the Horizon - there are no lines on your foreheads. just 666

    Magnificent - if you put the devil into the magnifying glass. he would be bigger

    Moment of Surrender - takes time to surrender to the devil and evil will prevail (lol)

    Unknown Caller - you wont be scared if you see the "unknown caller on the caller id" its the devil

    I go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight : Yup.. this is me... (Charles Manson)

    get on your boots - kick @$$ all those who oppose him..

    stand up comedy - yup.. I'm funny (Charles Manson)

    fez- being born - I'm alive after I'm freed ( Charles Manson)

    white as snow - a connection to the white album song Revolution 9

    breathe - I can walk after I'm freed (charles manson)

    cedars of lebanon - I'll chop it like the Joshua tree ( charles manson)



    OK>>>> APRIL FOOLS!!!!

  3. Of course its a joke, Everybody look up for Bono as a Messiah or has a Godlike powers


    so I made a Joke LOL....


    People think The Beatles are the devils, bono is a devil, Mick Jagger is the devil...


    clearly, In this F***** up world when you look up at someone doing nothing. he's the saint. lol..

  4. These are my Top 5


    1.) Joshua Tree

    2.) No Line on The Horizon

    3.) Achtung Baby

    4.) All That You Can't Leave Behind

    5.) War


    I made No Line on The Horizon no. 2 because it doesn't have weak songs..


    but some of the lyrics a little cheesy. so I rank it as a possible listening from start to finish

  5. Additional Speculations :


    1.) No Line on the horizon is actually the Beatles White Album overdub by U2 with a little changes

    2.) Charles Manson loves No Line On The Horizon and declared the album 5 stars and said that it has a reference of his hint of getting out of prison lol.


    3.) Unknown Caller is actually - bohemian rhapsody by Queen

  6. What if?!


    I had the ability to travel back in time and disrupt and alter the universe.


    * Post your time traveling disruption here*


    I would go back to the achtung baby era.


    and disrupt Bono in creating the song "ONE" ( well maybe I travel back to berlin and disguised myself as a Homeless Bum) and poison his mind that hewould be a great solo artist in the future....


    Time Paradox....




    who would be the greatest solo artist in our era?


    is it


    1.) BONO

    2.) LARRY

    3.) EDGE

    4.) ADAM


    I'm not God. so I don't know the answer



  7. Maybe my opinion about Religion is like a university, its either you get expelled or graduate


    an "image" we portray...to the people surround us.


    judged us.. or mock us... or respect us..


    it is really a hard question to answer.. lol

  8. When bands took a huge leap on their music its either a disaster or an avant garde.


    Masterpiece as they call it...


    I think it's about appreciating the "art" form of this album


    it is somewhat out of direction. but.. that's the beauty of it... the "contrast" and conflicting emotion toward the album...


    I think it will take time to look back and say


    "Hey No Line on the Horizon is the best thing U2 has ever done"


    I think I was at that point that I embraced the album...


    wow.. very hard...

  9. I really can't understand the people who gave this album a negative review, Especially Time Magazine.


    Unknown Caller is one of the "gem" of the album....


    Jeremiah 3:33 (3:33 when the numbers fell of the clock face) quote :


    Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.


    Its a connection of Moment of Surrender I agree,


    its like you lost your "own identity" everyone seems to judge you from a bad relationship, bad decision and even you call God


    the answer is "no" (Yes Even God..lol)


    but.. its an optimistic song about. Rebirth. Reborn and Swimming to a Pool of Sorrows.

  10. While I'm busy with my Omnidice project. so I tacked about the question of temptation and also with faith.


    Don't get me wrong. I was born in a place where multi-religious group banging at my door. leading me to the path of heaven.


    Buddhist, Christians, Catholics and Muslims. (ok so I wrote a song for them)


    and trying to rewind temptations.( Forgiveness is the key?)


    will God open the door to heavens?


    so what is the path to the truth?


    is there a truth


    or there's No Line On The Horizon?


    share me your thoughts?

  11. LifeFactory wrote:

    Anybody excited about the new Magnificent video they are shooting? (I am!!!!)


    So...who is Eileen? One of the production guys (I assume he is a production guy) in the current clip from Fez yells her name out at the end of the clip there on the streets of Fez (she is obviously off camera). And Bono included two Eileen references in songs during their Letterman week. Is this someone in the pantheon of U2-related personalities that one should know if one is going to follow all of this minutia?


    I Think its one of Bono's Hidden Mistresses. lol..

  12. LifeFactory wrote:

    Seraphim said: . "Magnificent is about a Love that is a Dream in your Head."


    Ok..I am off on a tangent (again)


    I always suspected that ALL of U2's love songs are about loves that are "dreams in the head." And, I could never understand why they/he just did not take the step of making the ideal love real?


    I think for the lyricist Love may simply be a leap of faith. I have never been much for "faith" in lieu of the verifiable. And, yes, I think all things...like divinity, love, the sacred, objective ethics, etc...are verifiable, and do not require faith--in fact, faith may actually be a hinderance to apprehension and engagement. (ok...I said I was going to meander down a tangent! Thanks for being indulgent


    I don't think love requires faith. I think Love is a cooperative and never ending act of creation between people in concert with the universe....it just takes the will and heart of two AND the Courage AND the CREATIVE ENERGY to get onto the same page and to cooperatively write the never-ending narrative together, in order to manifest love as real (as opposed to an article of faith or dream in one's head).


    And, I never bought into the idea that the passion of love dies over time and what one ends up with is a deeper "love" that embraces restrictions, etc...and exists in a space of comfort -- I honestly think that although this is incredibly common, it is also a crock of sh*t and has more to do with the fear of being alone than it does with love.


    And I know many will say this view is unrealistic and unsustainable. But, I think they are simply making excuses for having settled for less or for having remained in a situation that has had the passion seep out of it and are trying to justify that, because justifying and reconciling oneself to one's situation is easier and less scary than forging out anew or risking being alone. I think being alone is deeply frightening for many....once one gets beyond that, it is amazing how much of the universe actually opens up, and what is possible at that point.


    Well...this all made sense in my head!


    Wow.. I was moved by your message. Lifeforce..


    I love this line "I think Love is a cooperative and never ending act of creation between people in concert with theuniverse"


    Love for that matter is always two couples become one.. the integrity of that combination

  13. Flamenkita wrote:

    I have dreams too, but they aren't U2 dreams... the past week I dream on I was rich...
    I was in my home... which was so big and it was a swimming pool in it... like the houses in the american movies... I was having a cup of coffee with my friends and I said them:

    - You don't know what it feels being so rich...

    Finally I woke up... and I looked for the meaning of this dream in a book about dreams that I have and it means:


    "You are passing importants economics trouble" LOL

    Quite weird, I'm having a U2 dreams but I don't know the band. lol..

  14. redcloud wrote:

    With no disrespect to the Beatles, I think the reason for much of their nostalgic popularity is because the band is no longer together and Lennon is no longer alive.


    If U2 all died for some tragic reason, then they'd be skyrocketed up beyond belief as the greatest band ever in human history. Even so, when the band ends due to them getting old they'll have even more fame, even though they are up at the top already.



    I think Larry Mullen hinted that they want to "retire" as famous at the top not from the bottom, that's why they don't want to release crapalbums. lol


    as for Bono. they might kill his persona? how I don't know. exploding sunglasses like those in mission impossible

    and everybody assume that Paul Hewson is still alive.. (kinda like those Elvis Sightings.)


    So if Bono is out of the universe, is that I can say that " Bono was More Popular than Jesus Christ?" (this is a joke, not meant to be serious to allJesus Lovers out there)

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