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  1. LifeFactory wrote: Haha...well, thanks guys. Really, I am not hung up on anyone. I have just lost interest in everything that held value for me and not much is cropping up to replace it. Nadia...of course it is in one's head==but that is where ideas and values reside, and there is that little mind/body connection...so yes. Thanks. Don't worry...I am not gloomy and weepy about it...mostly I am just cynical and indifferent (which is terrible, actually ) it's ok being cynical. It's like a car with busted tires. its either you cry and do nothing or change the tire to drive fro
  2. interu2005 wrote: Bono acts and work a lot for human rights, Lennon just sleeps with Yokono on a bed for days.. Lol on this one.. if Lennon is still alive maybe he's uncomfortable about Bono I guess, due to the size of Lennon's EGO, lol... Lennon is about "Imagine" and Bono's about doing the execution to Lennon's Imagine. I have a lot of Respect to the Beatles and John Lennon. I just tried to make a comparison of the White Album and No Line on The Horizon. white vs black and white. lol honestly. No Comparison...both are Magnum Opus...
  3. Wow.. I'm having U2 dreams right now.. I went to a U2 concert and I found out all of my friends are there.. sadly its just a dream. I'm sad cause I can't go to a concert.. (million miles away and insufficient funds LOL)
  4. interu2005 wrote: The Beatles just plays less than 15 years U2 30 years, Beatles evolution their looks and music 3 times U2 more than 6, Lennon just speak, Bono acts and work, God part II is better than God I hehe, The Beatles era just few bands can be competition for them U2 had many many more bands now at the same time working and U2 still being the best band on the world.. Does that mean I should change the title Coldplay are Bigger than U2. I thought Chris Martin was a Wa*ker lol...
  5. For me. Being Broken Hearted is a flip of another coin. or looking at the other side of the perspective.. how lucky we are.. how happy we are.. being born.. FEZ
  6. attrib75 wrote: The new album is not that good. Since when did we accept less from these old guys? You should try to listen to it a couple of times.
  7. u2zoo24 wrote: Lennon was the talent in the Beatles. Look at the stupid lyrics Paul wrote on his own after the Beatles. They don't even compare. Paul rode Lennons writing abilty and corpse right into success. WINGS SUCKS BUTT. Lennon's songs after the Beatles continued to be cutting edge and inspirational. Pauls songs were bubble gum top forty at best. I like many of your comments and totally agree with a few but to say Paul was a more talented musican than John is just plain silly. LOL. In Respect to Paul, I still love his solo work, but uh... Wings? I don't know lol..
  8. I felt drugged.. lol Maybe I'm the character from the song "Moment of Surrender and Unknown Caller" (only in my dreams LOL)
  9. say goodnight wrote: 1. I wrote everything on the album 2. Mr Boom played all the instruments at once WOW, you wrote the whole album, Talented... so the credit goes only by yourself. Another List of Speculation: 1. Moment of Surrender and Unknown Caller is the story of ME, being a Junkie.(NOT!!!) 2. The Origin of the song Breathe is about Eating Apples and walking around the world naked. lol 3. Magnificent is about a Love that is a Dream in your Head. 4. The Person on Time Magazine who Reviewed "No Line On The Horizon" is actually U2's Enemy in the
  10. joshthetree wrote: no, apparently, you peel the '=' sticker off the album and affix to the forehead then you get scanned in at a show and get in the gold circle Wow, An Easter egg, if I put the "=" on my forehead that means I could be on stage rockin' with the band.. is that cool..
  11. joshthetree wrote: The cover is a 'magic eye' picture. Hold it up so it touches your nose and slowly move it away to almost arms length and you'll see Bono supping a Guiness on Edge's yatcht Wait! do I have to Peel the Equal sign. lol...
  12. Badlemons wrote: Well, I was talking with a buddy about our favorite bands and when I mentioned U2, he got kind of excited. He told me he loves U2 and he and his wife had a U2 song for their wedding song. I asked him what it was and he said One. I simply told him it's a good song. I guess seeing how much of a fond memory he has of his wedding, I couldn't tell him that it may not be the most appropiate song for a wedding! Lol. now I'm thinking for Moment of Surrender what that could be?
  13. Claire T wrote: roflmao you guys are nuts you could join our nutcase marathon lol...
  14. as a Beatles fan. especially the White Album. I dare say its really better than the real thing... lol
  15. zootrabant wrote: Isn't Adam playing bass in Stand Up Comedy. Is Flea. Isn't Bono singing in Breathe. Is Bob Dylan Isn't Bono singing in Cedars of Lebanon. Is Lou Reed Isn't Larry playing drums in Boots and Stand Up Comedy. Is John Bonham what rise up from your grave. The Edge don't play in anyone of the musics. Is a double called Dr Phil. Wow.. that makes a Non-U2 album.. LOL well in my perspective.. that is true... hehehe.. I love John Bonham!!! Led Zep Fan here! Wow.. Dr. Phil Playing Guitar! nize!!! much better than edge hehehe
  16. zootrabant wrote: Ju Ju man is a kind of witchdoctor. Maybe Bono was making a reference about Isaiah Oke. A Ju Ju man that converted to christianity e start to fight against SIDA in Africa and denounce certain practices of their old religion that could be contributing to the advancement of SIDA on their continent. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaiah_Oke 16th of june is a holiday in Dublin. The Bloomsday. It is a commemoration observed annually and elsewhere to celebrate the life of Irish writer James Joyce and relive the events in his novel Ulysses. http://en.w
  17. ONE01 wrote: hilarious... LOL. I'm so sleepy. I can't think of another humor...
  18. Post your speculation I found great mystery on it.... 1.) That is not Bono Singing on the U2 album but an Impostor ( Kinda Like those "Paul is Dead" on the Beatles) 2.) That is not Edge on the Guitar.. It's "STING" 3.) As you can see. there is an easter egg that Bono is swimming on the Cover.. 4.) In Unknown Caller The "UNKNOWN" is actually Bono on Booze... I would really love to see A video on this one... kinda like Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody 5.) When you peel the "Equal" sign.. you can stick it to a mathematical equation.. and you can find the answer. ( 1+ 1 = 2) 6.) The Album tit
  19. Gering wrote: Are you drinking liquids before going to sleep at night? Such an active imagination!...lol. TheHangin'Chads Maybe.. I was high on Drugs.. lol I haven't tried one yet..
  20. Disclaimer : If you're a Big fan of Larry Mullen Do not Read this lol.. this is not true.. its only a dream! I think personally he's a good guy.. Ok, since I don't believe in Dreams.( Well Sleeping is my hobby LOL) I had a dream that, I think I was with the band. somewhere I don't know where. so they were on tour. and I was there talking to Bono and asked him "so the tour equipments are delayed, you seem relaxed " Bono Replied "Yeah. I'm a little sleepy" so I went to Larry Mullen. because he'sgetting hysterical and uneased. I asked Larry if he wants to listen to Achtung Baby. He po
  21. They should release a video, Pronto. lol.. even my friends say that this is the song of the century. asked me why Release GOYB as a single... they shove away NOLTH because of GOYB. I said.. "No..you should internalize the whole album" My friend is also humming away with "Moment of Surrender"
  22. Come in Full Circle... hmmmmm.... is the is a hint of Songs of the Ascent... Definitely? Yes?!
  23. As an artist.. we are at war... I was saddened by the fact that music sales are declining.. people losing jobs, artist gone haywire. I need your help and other fellow artist with this project. its about educating the listeners the relationship between "Our music" is like our son or daughter. we need to feed them, Nourish and give back tothe listeners, it's not about the money.. but.. the value itself.. so this next level project is about cherishing that music. to let the people feel that we all need that art back to music. not just some tap water its not about stopping d
  24. I really can't believe these people. (sorry for the rant) it's like your blaming God for the these kind of mishaps, BLAME THE SALESPEOPLE who sold God for a name.. not BONO for Christ Sakes. ok.. I'll use the mighty Google Translator to this. it' la s gradice il vostro dio di rimprovero per i questi genere di contrattempi, INCOLPA DEI COMMESSI che hanno venduto il dio per un nome. non BONO negliinteressi del Christ (wow am I fluent in Italian. LOL) I love you babel fish. hehehe..
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