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  1. I rather win thru U2.com than SiriusXM. If I don't win I will be at Apollo if someone has a spare or they have extras right before show time. U2.com will have the best seat location for sure the front row, & second row.
  2. Hello I haven't been on any U2 forum in like 5 years. I'm Super Fan on interference. I'm hoping to go to most the North American shows and a few European shows. Looking for a GA ticket for Phoenix May 22. I have a spare for 2 different cities but on the 4th night Chicago & Boston. PM me if interested. Must not be a flake. Had flakes on previous trades on the last tour on 360 through interference. If I back out of Phoenix I had eye surgery & possibly need 1-2 more surgies and I could not fly out to the city.
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