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  1. Agree on the enthusiasm gap, but you're talking about the 4th largest metro area in the US and a Saturday night-- the 3 larger metro areas already picked up an extra show, and there are a lot of people outside the metro area within a day's drive (Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas Panhandle) or an easy flight into a major hub airport that could make the 2nd show easier. Probably not happening if they haven't announced it by now, although maybe they are surprised it sold-out so fast (given the tour ads on Live Nation stations I've heard, even though this is post-sellout). I think Houston not being a sell-out might be the final nail in the coffin, since some fans in the area could "divert" to there instead.
  2. Stage layouts over here ---->http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/34015-u2-the-joshua-tree-tour-2017-europe-tour-venue-maps/ Is it me, or does it seem they start the "seat kill" area too deep on the sides? For example, I was able to snag $100 tickets in Dallas at the equivalent of of the M35 area on this map that seem like a damn good value, especially since areas that are still side-stage nearby are at the top price level. It seems like you'd even have full views of any screens at the back of the stage. Also, odd is that the seat kill area is asymmetrical on both sides. As much as I try to visualize some 360esque claw like legs that might be used on the sides of the stage that would be a partial obstruction, I can't see any scenario where it would NOT block the premium 100s and/or the Red Zone as well, which makes me think there is not going to be an obstructed element despite the fact that the map "hints" at it. Any thoughts? I can't think they don't have a schematic of the stage already finalized (especially considering they seem to have the odd-shape to the B-stage committed to), but it's still a mystery why they cut off all tickets where they did on the sides.
  3. anyone have any good rumors or thoughts? finally noticed a "select my seat option" today and it's virtually a sell-out. given the gap in the schedule before Houston AND a second show would be a Saturday night (which would boost sales), hoping they decide to add one. that said, It does seem like Dallas ticket prices are much higher than average (based on hovering over the sections with single seats to get an idea on the pricing for that area), so maybe they just decide to make a good cash grab for one night.
  4. ended up buying $100 tickets for lower row in 200 section facing Red Zone in Wires. Our middle-aged bodies can live with that! very greatful these tickets weren't more compared to some other stadiums, and how greedy Jerry Jones is!
  5. Very irritating that TM always "upsales" you to these tickets regardless of what you ask for. I either wanted RZ/GA or value seating. Since RZ/GA are gone, seems the glut of the expensive seats need to get sold off before can get to options on the other tiers.
  6. i think one was to determine whether the TM site is glitchy is to try all of the VIP packages. i doubt they're all sold out, so (hopefully) if it says no tickets are available for those, I'm thinking it's a system issue and not that shows are already completely sold-out. Right now I'm seeing the VIP packages "sold out" for 7/18, so I'm assuming that night may not actually be sold out.
  7. not seeing anything for the 7/18 or 7/19 MSG shows, but I wonder if TM is just having their usual glitches?
  8. I know the rules say you can buy 2 tickets to the same concert, but of course most people doing this are going to book same section. I'm interested in buying 1 red zone and 1 GA (friend isn't THAT into U2, and not like we'll talk during the concert!), but I assume I'd have to do 2 separate Ticketmaster orders, and concerned the code wouldn't work the 2nd time for the same venue (or they'd cancel my orders later for some BS reason thinking I was reusing the code improperly). Anyone with any experience doing this? It'd be the U.S. if that makes a difference.
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