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  1. no email at all yet, annoying just got a marketing one though , even more anoying
  2. I was at Wembley stadium and more importantly at the Wembley arena gig which I seem to recall was fan club members only ? anyone else at that one ?
  3. Hi I have two seat tickets available , £90 each block 106 Seats 199/200 , row N ,for Monday 26th October . Please get in touch if interested . Thanks
  4. Hi I have 2 spare tickets for the o2 on Monday 26th October. Both £90 seats together .block 106 ,seats 199/200 Please get in touch if of interest . Thanks
  5. the manager said it yesterday,album due out early next year before the american leg of the tour
  6. the fact remains that just about all major established rock/indie bands in the UK have seen their most recent releases fall in sales compared to previous albums and they dont have 30 yerars to their name either. Most of them are on their 4th album or so and already the decline has set in which they are unlikely to revese. Coldplay (compared to the last 2) Snow Patrol Oasis Kaiser chiefs keane The Enemy Franz Ferdinand Doves The Manics There will be a few more to add the the list shortly as well when their albums come out. To verying degress all of these and more have seen s
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