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  1. Beckham is too hot for words.... Yummy! Colin Farrell is my bad boy favorite... Would love to have a pint with him...
  2. Yeah!!! I know how hard it is to lose weight, so I think any little bit is great! 24 lbs is huge!
  3. I have two black Labradors - Phoebe and Emma. Phoebe is 14 and Emma is 7 and they are both the best dogs in the world!
  4. Okay, so I was a bit annoyed by the tone of this as well - I was one of the "pigs" at the front of the queue in Montreal and my friends and I ( along with the other people around us) did happen to bring a trash bag with us and kept the area as clean as we could. However, in the giant cluster of craziness that ensued around them letting us in to the stadium, I can see why people dumped stuff in the line. As you see people who were hundreds of people behind you in the queue push past security and take off running, a little insanity happens and things get dropped etc. We didn't drop anything a
  5. Great news! Really puts everything else into perspective! I did help lots of sick dogs today ( I'm a vet...) and just rechecked one of my favourite patients who has cancer and we did chemo last week and he is in remission!
  6. Anyone who beats the French... As I cannot support the Irish due to the pathetic hand ball by Henry, I am torn over who to support. Suffice it to say, I have no real allegiance to any of the teams....
  7. The first one that I have the ticket stub for is May 9 1987 at the Hartford Civic Center... I know I went to one a few years before that as well... ( I just didn't save my stubs for shows when I was in high school...Didn't think I would like to have them when I got older!) I have been to at at least one show on every tour except for Popmart - I was in vet college at the time and was at home in the States when they were in Europe and in Dublin for school when they were in the States
  8. Emma I think that it has some great points! It is a hard statement to write - I did veterinary in Dublin and remember the stress over what to put in and how to make it stand out from every one elses! Feel free to PM me if you want some ideas! Sharon
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