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  1. also, I can't get over the thru the roof pricing on 1st level - 3rd level seat pricing. 325 each? Thats really insane.. And to think back in the day U2 was all about keeping their pricing down and having the best seats at the lowest prices. Now that is pretty much history. at least with seats.. GAs seem to be about the same. Never had problems with U2 presales in the past. this a first for me. I find it crazy that the GAs were non existent for a lot of the shows esp DC.. There were none available on tuesday and yet they were all on stubhub at stupid crazy high prices.. This verified fan thin
  2. many fans contacted TM while the presales were going on and they told them that this is the case. All verified fan sales on TM for presales and general sales are lottery in terms of who gets a code. When you register for shows on TM, they send you a confirmation email that states the lottery system.. This is how Verified Fan works on TM.
  3. Peggy i disagree the band have a say in things down the line and make the decisions.. It's their name here on the bill. The band are well aware of what is going on and granted not right away but are. Case in point as have been mentioned by several people of the very similar fiasco in 2005/Vertigo tour.. I posted the article about Larry's statement on the matter.. Once they made the statement they rectified the situation.
  4. Here ya go for those who weren't around for the 2005 Vertigo presale fiasco.. Here is Larry's statement. http://www.hotpress.com/U2/news/Larry-Mullen-Issues-Statement-About-Presale-Fiasco/2779025.html
  5. they will address the issue and make it right like they did in 2005. Per Larry's statement.
  6. i truly hope the band makes a statement and addresses this situation. Sooner rather than later.
  7. THANKS SO MUCH! Sherry. And us Fans need to keep hitting them via social media and any other means possible.
  8. Thanks for posting Sherry. Well said.. I was one of the experience group who renewed early (membership didn't expire until next year), registered with TM for the verified fan presale. Registered for shows I wanted to go to. Got the email saying i was selected for yesterday's presale but never got the code. I have PM'd a mod here who actually seemed concerned and asked for my member info/order number. Then never got a response back. Guess the best thing to do right now is get a refund for my early membership renewal. I am so disappointed in this band. I have been a fan since 1987, always kept
  9. I know this is the impossible but if someone has 2 tix to the 7/31 show I am very interested. Face value of course. thanks..
  10. Hi, a dear friend of mine is looking for 1 GA to the 7/26 show. Please [MOD EDIT: No email. use PMs., thanks] PM me. thanks,
  11. Hi please PM me about the seats for 7/19 (sect 213). I would be interested in buying those from you! I will give u my contact info. thanks!
  12. reasonable??? at over 330 bucks a piece.. I say not.. Thats insane.. people there will be ticket drops for all shows including the Boston shows.. I need 2 GAs for Boston 2 and am looking around but ultimately waiting for the ticket drop.
  13. Hi all! Looking for 2 GAs to Boston 2 at face value. For me and hubby. I have nothing to trade but would be so grateful for your help... thanks!!
  14. looking for 2 GAs for 7/19 or seats. Also need 1 GA or Seat for 7/18.
  15. <<< Am interested if the 7/19 tix are available.. Need 2 for that night and 1 for 7/18. mod edit : email removed please use PM feature
  16. Hi all! I am looking for tickets to both shows for me and my family. I wasn't able to get all the tix needed. Need 3 total for each night. Here's what I am looking for: BOSTON 1: 1 GA (first choice) or 1 seat BOSTON 2: 2 GAs (first choice) or 2 seats I know that the tix are paperless so I am willing to do the plus one thing and meet up to go in.. You can email me at : DreamOutLoud65@gmail.com thanks!
  17. Hey there! I am looking for tix to both shows.. I live in Maryland and am a huge fan. I just need tickets for my family (3 total for each night). I was able to get some but not all for these 2 shows. What I am looking for: NYC1 - 1 GA (first choice) or a seat NYC2- 2 GAs (first choice) or 2 seats. Please email me at mod edit : email removed, please use the PM feature Thanks!
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