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  1. There isn't much outside of the casino, it's small a town. I've lived in this area my whole life. I'll be a the show tonight but eating elsewhere prior as the casino restaurants will be packed. There's some great places to eat though, Pepe's Pizza, Bobby's Burgers, a little more upscale is Ballo. Honestly, most of the restaurants there are pretty good.
  2. there are no events scheduled in the arena on the 4th or 5th....hmmmm maybe?
  3. I live close and have seen many shows there. I've been pretty successful getting tickets the night of the event from either scalpers or people with comped seats, and not too over priced either. The only time I struck out was for the Eagles. Not a ticket in sight.
  4. I just got behind the stage Section 103 for $325 each. uh NO THANKS!
  5. Keep trying! Even in the fan pre-sale it was like that, I kept trying and after 1/2 hour got Section 22. Those seats were like $170 each which is overpriced but whatever.....
  6. Yup! I had seats come up once but I already got those in the pre-sale. Trying for GA.
  7. Absolutely Tina...I've made the trip for a few tours in the past and have tickets for the weekend shows in June. The ride from Hartford's bout 5 hrs but its a really easy and nice ride...Great city in the summer, you'll love t he trip. Right on Guys, Montrealers love having guests visit!! The concert is a GREAT reason to visit for a first time visitor to Montreal.
  8. I'm glad to see I've made a great choice today. BTW, I bought those GA tickets late this afternoon around 4:30 so they're still might be more available. I live in SE CT so it should be a lovely ride next June.
  9. I have tickets for MSG in July but when I saw there were GAs available for Montreal I was like "why the heck not, road trip!" Despite having traveled a lot all over the world, I've never been to Montreal :-)
  10. there are no seat #'s assigned in the RZ. They are no seats (I think I may have recalled seeing some folding chairs in the back of the RZ space but absolutely NO ONE is sitting.
  11. I wasted over an hour on the ticketmaster site on my laptop and iPad but then when I found out using the App worked way faster, I did that. And....RZ NOT an option so I bought what I could. BUMMED I couldn't get RZ but happy I got some great seats.
  12. I totally loved RZ (Gillette Stadium, Boston) experience. Another bonus besides not being crammed in like sardines, no waiting, no long lines, easy access to BEER. Your own private RZ bathrooms!
  13. Don't give up! Use the APP! It took me two minutes with the App on my iPhone, after wasting over an hour on my iPad and laptop.
  14. Joshua Tree Achtung Baby Unforgettable Fire All That You Can't Leave Behind War that's it what more can i say, its all a matter of taste, and your age. For the love, Joshua Tree will always be number 1 for me, it's personal, atime and a place, though I LOVE the new stuff....which justifies my LOVE of JT. I grew up with this music, it is the soundtrack of my life. Yes.... TheSoundtrack For My Life. Perfect !
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