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  1. Worse story ever- I lost my camera 2 days after visiting in June 2014!!! My husband had graciously helped me find it and hiked out there with me- so I had a photographer the whole time, too!!! I managed to capture 3-4 on my cell phone before leaving, realizing I'd want to post online right away, so those are all I have . I did sign the notebook, so there is proof there somewhere!
  2. now getting something that say the gateway server failed to get timely response.... ya think???!!!
  3. its 10 am local venue time- we are still trying for east side!
  4. keep getting further now, but timed out sections continue to jam up, letting the timer run out (
  5. Have had GA in the window 4 times now and the timer keeps timing out because the server can't keep up with the traffic. TOTALLY frustrating
  6. larrysLeo


    awesomeness. great job, beth!!
  7. It's the 23rd, but thank you SOOOOOO much for your sweet wishes!
  8. BEST WISHES TO SUE!!!! Happy Birthday sweetness!!!!
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