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  1. your experience is how it was supposed to go for all of us!! I am glad to hear you got your tickets!!!
  2. I have never had a presale ticket purchase issue ever....I have always been able to buy a ticket using my code during presale...until now, I was in experience group, which ifelt lucky to have....tried for GA's for 1 show (DC) and at 10am there were no tickets....never ever, all day...that is some kind of bullshit!! so, I do not have a ticket even with the experience code
  3. I tried going through the link from my text at 10am on my phone...instantly said no ga available....kept trying no luck...went to my TM app on my phone...no luck...went to my computer to access TM..by then its 10:10...instant no ga's....kept trying til 11:00 am...no tickets available.... have tried off and on all day...nothing but seats
  4. I had my code and did everything correctly...never even saw a GA offered...Instantaneously said no tickets available. Did anyone get GA's for this show?
  5. seriously? I have been trying for GA since 10 am with no luck..WTF???
  6. Thanks for nothing U2.com....no GA's for DC and 10 (or 10:05 or 10;10 or 10;30 etc etc.)
  7. I have 1 GA for Wed. 5/27 but want to go to Sat. 5/30 GA .....if anyone wants to trade?
  8. Drop ... Bullet (I am begging ya) Insert .... anything else,,In God's Country would be awesome
  9. Presale code should START with "U2A" "U2B" or "U2C" A=Horizon, B= Breathe, C= Boots
  10. LS

    Forum color

    whew! I am glad I am not alone on this one!
  11. LS

    Forum color

    I agree...i was surprised to see the black and red...the grey was working just fine!
  12. LS

    Forum color

    Yeah, thanks, I understand that too...I can't get into the subscriber side yet at all...I just thought maybe there was an option somewhere in my controlthat i could change the colors..you know, like we can say how many posts on a page and if we want signatures to show or not? so...no big deal...i will justcontinue to squint!
  13. LS

    Forum color

    any way to change the black background and red writing on my settings...I seriously cannot see the topics very well at all...it hurts my eyes!
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