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  1. You are assuming that 1. these are real tickets and not speculative and 2. TM won't cancel these tickets in the coming days. They have become quite aggressive with this in the last year or so. Also, you are yelling at U2.com for something that TM did. I don't understand that. It is like yelling at the waitress because your food doesn't taste good. The big question that I have is why, after all this trouble and increased security, did they do away with credit card ticketing? That's the easiest way to prevent tickets from being scalped, yet they didn't use it this time? That seems like one step forward the three backward.
  2. It is most likely that either all or most of the GAs and the best of each price tier were on sale today, but certainly not every every row of every section in the entire joint.
  3. If that were me, I'd pick which two tickets I wanted the most and call TM immediately to get the other four cancelled and tell them it was an honest mistake, because if you don't, you are going to lose all six. Two means two. Consider yourself warned. You are playing with fire.
  4. If registering for the U2.com, Citi and public presale was going to cause a problem, a simple sentence warning people NOT to do this would have been a good call. Goes to show you there was confusion at a very high level here.
  5. I think this was a big old misunderstanding between U2.com/Fan Fire and TM. I honestly think that whoever wrote the language about the presale code for subscribers thought it meant that every subscriber got a code. It doesn’t sound like that’s what TM did. There are going to be a lot of refunds being issued I think. At least the general registration is still open. If anyone reading this for screwed, I would immediately use a different email address and signup for the general sale next week.
  6. No. Your presale is tomorrow. Codes of innocence go out tomorrow, not today.
  7. I’m 99 percent sure the link doesn’t matter. It just takes you to TM.
  8. Received my email 17 minutes ago. Good luck everyone!
  9. I cannot believe that all paid fan club members won’t get a code. I may be wrong, but I’ll believe that when I see it.
  10. Honestly, I think this agent is mistaken. I just re-read the language, and it is pretty clear to me that paid subscribers will get a code, and non-subscribers might not. I don’t think Candace knows the difference. I’ve had to argue with LN people about U2 fan club issues before; they don’t know everything.
  11. I hate to ask what I am sure is a silly question, but, just for my own peace of mind ... I am shown as ‘setup complete’ and that I am in the experience group on my account page. However, when I click ‘submit’ to agree to the terms on the phone thing, nothing seems to happen. I have selected the U.S. flag, but the ‘submit’ box remains. Is this normal? Thanks in advance.
  12. I’m glad they took care of you. I’ve seen U2 in the Georgia Dome twice, but never in the Philips Arena. I have seen Springsteen there several times, the sound left a little to be desired, but his sound is never as good as U2’s anyway. I am seeing The Killers out in Duluth in January; it will be my first show there.
  13. I’ve not received any emails from U2.com in a while. I’m also still waiting on my 2017 fan club gift.
  14. Isn’t the sound at Philips Arena notoriously bad?
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