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  1. they mixed it up a lot more on last indoor tour....if they could do it then, they ruddy can do it now for this tour too.
  2. As it would open up a lot more trading/selling options.
  3. ii was hoping for full concert of a Lovetown gig and a dvd of a Lovetown gig. and agree with thee above, can we have an option to download these tracks in wav, lossless, flac format ...and mp3 formats.
  4. i would be over the moon if they played some of the lesser played songs on next tour from R +h, hawkmmon...silver and gold, so many great tunes. and as it is 30 years anniversary,how about a dvd of a Lovetown gig, Sidney, ? ,,would dearly love to see a full dvd official one.
  5. Larry,if some Pop is played,,,and,and Disco is on setlist,i may wear my silver spandex trousers on tour,i promise to wear a belt this time on tour
  6. from reports from mates who went to the last one on the I+e tour, they fully deserve to get another gig..or two. now, unless i missed something,i aint seen nothing saying all Euro dates have been announced and that there will be no more added...,surely it is still possible to slot in a Scottish date. ?
  7. Because i keep looking at the current schedule and i see a big gap between Belfast and Dublin gigs ? please tell me if i am going ga-ga from Starring at the tour listing fa, far too much
  8. gave nothing last time for Dublin on I.e tour, not even a wristband..
  9. I have looked at the Hydro Schedule,i see no more Kb dates post Belfast dates, yayyyy. There is def a gap, between Belfast and Dublin ( current scheduled) dates. Scotland definitely deserves it,if (logistic) schedule allows.
  10. I got it painted on me Kitchen wall now...,,in Big red letters... ,,,Must Pay The Lads Some More Dosh Early March !
  11. sorry Max,i should have made it a bit more clear...i Never get emails from u2.com.well the only time i do, is when i buy my subs and buy merchandise. Pre-sale email code, not even an email to tell me if my susbs is ending, that Never gets sent..
  12. anyone got a link for Lisbon 2 retail- pre-sale please ?
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