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  1. me too. but not too sure if ? collectors ones have been posted out yet. the probs, are for duplicated lanyard type Amsterdam 2. i have been sent 2 with *same* barcode.
  2. Seeing reports of major fuck-up my By Tm. , Tix, collector/Lanyard type, for Amsterdam 2, seem to have been sent out twice. i personally got a second one yesterday, but it seems i may not have been thee only one. obviously, this will be nightmare if seeing. buying, swapping tix.
  3. no problemo Stanley i must add that when i contacted Tm about the tickets for the other remaining gig, they said basically, wait, chill, have some cake and relax,, it could be as late as 14 days before gig, before the other ticket is posted out. but in my experience, Netherlands ticketmaster posts much,much earlier compared to Ticketmaster ~uk, they are shocking in hoe late they post tickets. well in fact, most of the big ticket agencies in uk, often post tix to me, for Big acts 1 week before date of the gig.
  4. I can confirm that i have ~One g/a collectors, for Amsterdam ( lanyard ticket) in hand.
  5. i think they jumped the gun when they posted out tix to me,,, .
  6. i bought two tix for both days ( AMs 1 + 2 ), but only received tickets for one ( Amsterdam 1) of the gigs.
  7. An Open letter to who is in charge of Jt 30th Merch- can i please have option just to buy the Jt bag. pretty please...and i can i please pay in instalments - cheers
  8. does anyone think that there will be some * ticket drops * for the Rome gigs ?
  9. Uk Tm is so...sllll.....slow. for same tour, i had Netherlands and Ireland posting tix within a month of tix being bought on 'general sale. For some reason ,Uk ticket agencies post very close to the time of the gig.
  10. Pre-sale code is #now required to Try to get Rz for London 2.
  11. ruddy nightmare post gig to get back to central London by public transport post( saturday ) gig in 2005.
  12. dunno why, but i still got the above error that i posted previously. i was jsut checking something odd that i noticed- sent bigwave Pm about it- and i closed browsers down and tied again. when i went Back on tm site, i noticed it was not showing the correct web page, that you correctly posted Max. ___________________ edit_ __________________ all a ok now, dunno why this happened.
  13. all gone weird on Tm. chome and firefox. nowt shows below- * U2 - The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 - Standing or Red Zone 4.7 out of 5 stars(4724) Twickenham Stadium - U2, London,Sun 9 Jul 2017, 18:00 Details: U2 Please Note: No Under 14s standing, all under 16s to be accompanied by an adult. RED ZONE: The (RED) Zone gives you access to an exclusive VIP area adja ...more Event Info | Onsale Times | Price Range | Delivery Info | Ticket limits ~*
  14. Red Hill Group + Collector Ticket LEVEL Ingang Zuid J SECTION Veld Staanplaats bingo
  15. cheers Bigwave mucho appreciate your quick reply.. me panic easily
  16. all is ok. me made mistake. mods, please delete. all is cool
  17. todays pre-sale. Amsterdam- asked for g/a standing stanplaats/veld. hot enter. get ticket at that price.= 77 euros. but it says nothing about where it is. nothing. no standing/field. nowt. just the price. help.
  18. * There are still Platinum and Travel Packages tickets available for the current date. There will be an extra show on 30 July in the Amsterdam ArenA. The on sale for the new show will start on 23 January, with an U2 fanclub pre sale starting on 18 January. You’re nearly at the front of the queue – don’t go * just got this on Nl Tm site.
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