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  1. Literally has been years,since i got an email reminder about my subscription about to end. been on the phone more than once to speak to Customer support and added this problem .
  2. cheers Max +mich for the info keep on trying peeps, keep the faith.
  3. guys please advise- TYPE Red Hill Group + Collector Ticket LEVEL Ingang Zuid J SECTION Veld Staanplaats== to confirm, this is pitch/field standing ticket ?
  4. getting tad close for pre-sale on-sale times and no sign of tickets sites inks for the pre-sales sale.
  5. i think some Pop should be played at some u2 gigs. but they seem to haveforgotten it's sales aint as bad as made out.
  6. just got an email from u2,com. yup,i really,really did get an email from them. ok, it was from an order i made though, not a reg email lol * Be careful! This sender failed our fraud detection checks.* should i be concerned .........that i actually *got* an email
  7. I renewed Last night, but when i check into the * community* section i then become an Ordinary member. Please advise. and no, i ainrt ringing from the Uk again to ask for help.
  8. cats wots thsi about cats here i wander in to find some cokmotion about ruddy cats for Pete's sake.,,,jhc...Cats....my ar/////err...bottom i'm out a here as in Rem
  9. ps.. i have sacked the spell checker assitant :
  10. what we need is Arngrim, a real fan,,,, to spice things up
  11. got in to Vintage trouble,,,,,got me well hooked. band called *milk* has potential too. and i'm keen on Alabama shakes.
  12. *Alright Mate whats cracking?? * eggs sir, they are a cracking.....doubling up me cholesterol levels to medium with egg and bacon butties followed by sweet waffles
  13. Hiya Basher One popping in and then popping out
  14. I'm liking this quote, .fb style,...... it's a Nail on de head mo..
  15. i just hope they just have their usual Long end of tour siesta. i do not think i could handle Both R.e.m and U2 splitting up in the same year.
  16. we will prob get a cheap cut down pamphlet with a code to down a 49k mp3.....and a 5% discount if we are lucky to Buy the full price book .
  17. they have mentioned it long, long ago..... about revisiting Pop, but after Two tours and we bare got snippets i doubt now they will give it the proper Love it deserves Cash Mcguinness= love that nickname lol
  18. i just wanna see the Oslo Popmart footage/ non opening of the Lemon incident lol: )
  19. well Pm should come in and have a look, with stocks nosediving will leave people with little spare cash for any Uber boxsets.
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