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  1. [quote name='Bajagirl wrote: basher1']Could a Mod possibly reply or send this thread on to show the discontent of loyal fans who feel they are being royally shafted by u2 and u2.com i say u2 because this is the official u2 website therefore it is thier name and reputation. I'll pass along the thread to management, (hence the merging, so everything is in one place) As for comments about censorship, merging the threads is not censorship. Everything you guys wrote is all here. it would be appreciated if you could pass the thread on to U2 management - thanks.
  2. add it to my U2.com keyring.....medallion style and wear it a gig..... yes i do mean it... edit --------------- of course when it arrives, i will post piccys of it
  3. long johns and thermal knickers with extended cod piece attachment.
  4. quite simply it stinks, the selling of the Exclusive Subscribers cd, now on vinyl to all and sundry should not have been authorized . and for the length of time that fecking cd has been in the process of been compiled ,manufactured and Finally posted to Subscribers. for the delays with the cd and the shameful redesign of the site and how badly it was handled Just before the Tour started,then the vinyl edition should have been sent free as an apology to Subscribers.
  5. i might be Wrong ( it is early morning and i'm just waking up) but is'nt it 20 years since the Lovetown tour ? if my plea for a remix of Pop goes on deaf ears, how about a DVd and *Soundboard* cd of the Lovetown Tour-Leg 1 *Sydney* 1989-11-18 /Aussie leg, which aired on Australian Tv ?
  6. i know it's meant to be a remix off their back catalogue.....but it seems to me if U2 are going to remix their songs for their Fan club cd, then the often mooted remix of Pop cd should be the the one and only that needs to be revisited for a remix. it is the ideal time to Seriously review Pop, they are due to go into the Studio to touch-up the next Long Player, why not tweak Pop at the same time and release it for Fan club members only.
  7. Bigwave- can i get back to you on this one, i need time to dwell on this ...it might take me i while
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