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  1. Thanks! As of today I'm verified and now have a priority group so hopefully I'm all good!
  2. My account has gone back and forth between telling me I'm verified and that my set up isn't complete. Currently it says it's complete, but yesterday it said it wasn't and that I needed to renew. I renewed my subscription AFTER the JT presale (like a week after, but still) so based on what I've been seeing I should be good, right?
  3. "yeah no one watched the show" haha He seems quite happy to be there.
  4. I did GA in Providence (near-ish to Boston) in 2001, and for Vertigo in 2005. I think you'll still have a great spot if you get there at noon. You won't be in the very front row, but I think you'll for sure be in the front half of people there, maybe even closer. The latest I ever arrived for a U2 GA show was around 1pm I think for the Pittsburgh 360 show, and even though my number was in the 600s, I was still in the third row center. That's the other thing to keep in mind - not everyone is going to want the same spot as you do. I'm always a little surprised to be reminded of that, becau
  5. Bigwave do you know if this is actually streaming the show?http://www.iheart.com/live/q1043-1465/?autoplay=true&pname=1674&callletters=waxq-fm&campid=home
  6. According to Twitter @U2 is having server issues. I guessed right!
  7. @u2 has been loading sporadicly for me today. They might be having server issues.
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