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  1. any news on support act for asia? Specifically Seoul.? if no support act does this mean an earlier start?
  2. has anyone tried signing up to live nation south korea. i can translate the page to english... but not the registration bit. dont know what each box is for? lol can anyone translate the registration page? thanks
  3. Any ideas on who will be the support act for asia dates? Where will the Asia tickets be sold? Specifically South Korea. I want to set up an account before the presale.
  4. I previously posted about this but then kinda forgot about it.... We havent had any new lithographs for a while... Dont suppose the mods know of any plans to have some new ones? I saw a JT one a little while go in the u2 shop but now its not there, unless im blind. Thanks.
  5. Will there be any new lithographs produced? Anything for the new tour? I was hoping for some more up to date versions added. Are you able to help? If no more are planned I will get the JT one, but want to hold off incase more are set for release. Thanks.
  6. Can one of the moderators please clarify the process for the European presale.... I've read through 6 pages in this thread and Im still not fully understanding what i need to be doing. I plan to visit europe, not US. So do I ignore all of this until a separate announcement is made for european presale. or should we ALL be doing this connecting with TM thing with the US site.... Can europe info be added to FAQ please??
  7. hoooow loooooong.....to sing this song.....
  8. the only date i can do london 25th oct (and other countries/dates) dont all have a link to presale like the others. any reason for this????
  9. new car, new job, newly decorated flat, new album and new tour. I've got the first 2 sorted, now for the rest...

    1. monica martino

      monica martino

      Happy for you!!!!

  10. this is a pic of bono taking a pic of me. can i find the photo of me on my laptop, can i feck. ahhh!!
  11. I became a 'fan' in 2005. I've seen U2 7 times up until now. 3 of those gigs were live 8, glastonbury and the performance at bbc radio headquarters on the roof.. I became interested in every aspect, the music, collecting, swooning over bono. I met the band in sept 2006 which was the best day of my life. bono takin gmy camera off my and capturing my perfect grin. oh yes the best!! I may have only been a fan for 8 years so far, but i dont think my love for them is any different than to someone who went to a gig during the joshua tree tour. Yes that person has more 'mileage' but i get exactly the same buzz as them when i see them live and i show U2 the same loyalty. I'm very very much a fan and cannot freaking waiting for a new album and tour. During 360 i couldnt afford to see them much but this time i am going to be more than prepared (just in case it is their last). from a stranger to the zoo emmaking
  12. I love all versions but i have to say that jack whites version has really grown on me.. love playing it full blast on the ipod.
  13. Quick bump. Not long till I jump. Only 3 weeks. Still a long way off on the total than I'd like to be. Please help where u can and sponsor me. Every £1 is much appreciated. For uk people you can text ekuk87 £? To 70070. Add any amount you like with to the £ sign. Or you can along with anyone in the world go to www.justgiving.com/Emma-king12. I'm grateful to anyone and everyone who can sponsor me. Thank you!!
  14. I've not done much exercise in the last week or so. But after having 8 days off from work I went back yesterday to be told i look like i've lost weight. My biceps are getting bigger and i can see that my stomach is more defined so im pleased with that. I just need to build on my strength now as i need to increase the amount of push ups i do (i'm trying to join the army). At the moment i cant do any running as ive injured my knee's but i'll get there eventually. In the UK next month is stoptober - the month to quit smoking. This year I've changed my diet, increased my fitness, become more positive to life and cut the booze by about 90%, but smoking is my one weakness. But im really goin to give it a go.
  15. Got the story into 2 local papers. Not sure if it'll make any difference. 3rd of the way to my target. I've got 6 weeks to make up the other 2/3. Would be nice to hit 500 but we'll see.
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