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  1. any news on support act for asia? Specifically Seoul.? if no support act does this mean an earlier start?
  2. has anyone tried signing up to live nation south korea. i can translate the page to english... but not the registration bit. dont know what each box is for? lol can anyone translate the registration page? thanks
  3. Any ideas on who will be the support act for asia dates? Where will the Asia tickets be sold? Specifically South Korea. I want to set up an account before the presale.
  4. Will there be any new lithographs produced? Anything for the new tour? I was hoping for some more up to date versions added. Are you able to help? If no more are planned I will get the JT one, but want to hold off incase more are set for release. Thanks.
  5. Can one of the moderators please clarify the process for the European presale.... I've read through 6 pages in this thread and Im still not fully understanding what i need to be doing. I plan to visit europe, not US. So do I ignore all of this until a separate announcement is made for european presale. or should we ALL be doing this connecting with TM thing with the US site.... Can europe info be added to FAQ please??
  6. hoooow loooooong.....to sing this song.....
  7. the only date i can do london 25th oct (and other countries/dates) dont all have a link to presale like the others. any reason for this????
  8. new car, new job, newly decorated flat, new album and new tour. I've got the first 2 sorted, now for the rest...

    1. monica martino

      monica martino

      Happy for you!!!!

  9. One photo from a photoshoot done in london 2008.
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