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  1. Agree they run a bit smaller this time, but do not think there has been a "total disregard for the fan’s dollar when its comes to the merch". You do have a chance to look at the shirts and size them up before buying, but obviously buying at the venue itself has some risk on sizing. I tend to order up to avoid that risk or wait to buy online (so I can return if the sizing is not appropriate). Overall i think the merch design and quality for JT 2017 has been high.
  2. johnovox

    Movie Shoot

    I was thinking the same, but have not heard anything about it. Had been hoping for HBO/Showtime to pick up like live the I&E Paris show but it does look like that will happen. Maybe though we will get a blu-ray/dvd release
  3. May '87 Worcester (my first show ever - grounded for UF tour!). Sept '87 Boston Garden (two shows) - house lights only for first half of one show and turned into a party. Little Steven from the Estreet band opened (before he became Sil on the Sopranos!). First concert for my brother and bringing him back this summer
  4. johnovox

    Why the gap?

    If the demand had been really strong, I think the gap would have allowed them to add a 5th show. However, as plenty of tickets are still available for both Tuesday and Wednesday (although no GAs), I don't think they add another show. The demand by the fans for the GAs is hot, but overall the shows are not selling like I had anticipated, primarily I think due to the high prices for the entire lower bowl (and the best seats in the lower bowl are even higher as part of the VIP packages), that possibly combined with (gulp) lower interest in U2 in general. I hope the latter is not the case, but they once again took a long time between albums and while the last album had excellent reviews (and deservedly so), it was not really a commercial hit, so that means about 10 years back to their last hit album and about the same time since their real last radio hit. That said, I think if all tickets were priced at the GA level (or under $100), the shows sell out instantly.
  5. They talked about doing this a while ago (at the time it was going to be something new in the industry), but I think the problem they ran into is that they are perfectionists (especially the Edge) and just could not live with the sonic imperfections of each recording without proper mixing etc., which is why we have received odds and ends of live performances during tours and usually at least one full live show for a tour (after they commit the time to focus on it), but not every gig - they just don't have the time to record, mix and release all of the shows at the quality level they insist upon.
  6. I get what you are saying and totally agree. That said, the whole idea of the presale is another opportunity to get people to buy a u2.com subscription bundle so the more valuable they make it (especially to new members), the better. Almost every major artist does the same thing now; really it's another revenue raiser for the artist. I think U2 and their management genuinely hope that all of those last minute subscriptions are by real fans who maybe were not following the band as closely as before (with u2 putting out albums only every 4-5 years or so, that might be a lot of people!). Those new fanclub members may stay tuned in now and may even be more inclined to purchase additional merchandise etc. over time. However, even if the new subscribers are scalpers, their subscriptions still bring additional revenue to the artist (say over someone who does not subscribe but still buys tickets). So not to be cynical, but there is a tangible monetary benefit to the artist in making the new subscriptions more valuable
  7. I have the same question but thinking it is just TM's description of the Innocence group - basically people who bought new subscriptions to U2.com recently (and can still do so by the time of the sale) which they are calling fan club bundles. If it is different and subscribers who already used their code in the first presale can get in on the second day of the presale for the additional shows (maybe a couple of hours after newer innocence members have access) that would be awesome!
  8. It's definitely selling and will sell out (along with the added shows as well). I think the perception may be that the shows are not selling like hotcakes and that may be right, which is primarily due to the large number of $275 (300 with fees) tickets. If they sold every ticket including GAs at around $100, I think all would have sold out this morning and they would have immediately added more shows. They are pricing a lot of seats at $300 including fees and that is causing a bit of trepidation. They will add more shows and they will sell out as well, it's just going to take time. In the end, the economics are better for each show (for the band of course not us!)
  9. I think they will add more shows in Boston, Chicago and NYC, but the sales will be staggered. Boston and Chicago will have 3-4 each, likely 4.
  10. The GA tickets are the best in the house (other than Red Zone) and they are relatively cheap: USD $65 plus TM fees for the Boston shows and thus far those have essentially only gone to the fan club members. Honestly I see little difference in the pricing and methodology compared to 360, Vertigo and Elevation.
  11. First - I have to say that this was looking to be one of the worst ticket buying experiences ever. Like many others, I had tickets shortly after they went on sale and got booted from the website before I could purchase them. I then repeatedly tried (maybe 50-70 times) over the next hour and 15 minutes to purchase again to no avail. I cursed TM over and over again and was emotionally wrecked. But at the 75 minute mark, I was able to finally complete the transaction and purchase 2 red zone tickets. It was a wretched experience with a very happy ending. I do have to hand it to U2 - the tickets that were available to the fan club were the absolute best in the house (RZ and GA floor and excellent loge seats). Reminded me of old Propaganda days. I don't blame U2 for the TM problems at all and I thank them for giving the core fans first access to the best seats.
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