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  1. 13 minutes ago, perenelle said:

    Well when I go to buy the instant they go on sale, they don't even show up. I actually DID get a hold of 2 the first time I tried, but when I went to pay they said "Sorry, someone else has them, too bad!" Like my friend said, they are supposed to give you like 2 minutes. This shouldn't have happened. That was the one and only time GA even showed for sale. Never heard of Seatwave but I do know StubHub and that's where I see them going for like $400 apiece or something insane like that.



  2. On 4/2/2018 at 4:19 PM, spongebob said:

    Although I would like to watch the concert without any spoilers, I know I'm not going to manage to resist watching youtube and Periscopes. I wont be able to resist knowing what songs to expect, where best to stand, the stage set up, where the Red Zones are etc..... Basically Im just too nosey:D

    Me too! :lol:

    I can't wait for September!

  3. 1 hour ago, electricco said:

    Dear electricco and former 'Propaganda' Subscriber
    It's the news we've all been waiting for!
    On Monday U2 are set to announce details of their 2005 Tour - and as a former Propaganda subscriber you are the very first of the growing community of U2.Com Subscribers to receive the all-important ticket code information you need to take part in the presale.


    As a member of our 'Horizon' group of U2.com Subscribers we're pleased to invite you to take part in this weeks presales for one of the following European shows of the U2 360° Tour.


    Q - When is the latest I can join U2.com to be involved in the Internet ticket pre-sale?
    A - Anyone who is a current Subscriber to U2.com can participate when ticket presales take place but those who have been Subscribers longest get the earliest opportunity to enter the presale.

    'Horizon Subscribers' have access starting on the morning of Day 1 of the presale,

    'Breathe Subscribers' have access from the morning of Day 2 of the presale and

    'Boots Subscribers' have access from mid afternoon on Day 2 of the presale. The presale for each concert closes at Noon / Midday on Day 3.

    The public ticket sale will start after Day 3 of the presale. The exact times for access will be emailed to you and made available on the tour page of U2.com.

    Oh I wish it was the 90's ... the 2000's :wub: 


    Now this is something we all understand! 

    Thanks electric Co! 

  4. 6 hours ago, jojes said:

    During these crazy and very hectic pre-sale times, I would like to thank all the mods for their relentless effort to answer our questions, listen to complaints, help people find their way through the various steps and websites, ...

    Really guys, I wouldn't want to pay a euro per time that you’ve had to re-direct to the faq page, or say album presale is different, or ‘2 tickets for 1 show’, or ‘check your profile for the code’, or ....

    So Max, Bigwave and Mich ... THANK YOU!!! You’re the best!

    Well said jojes! :POP_Heart_02:

  5. 24 minutes ago, andy scotson said:

    On past experience it will arrive sometime overnight.

    I think they get Santa to deliver them now he's got nothing else to do for the next few months.


    And only if you have been a good boy :P

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