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  1. Massive shout back to lion Congrats lion Good luck with the finale!!!
  2. I hope you had a good time josh, Simple minds still have it!!! And Jim have a speciel way to move, love it.
  3. Good point. Maybe you can go for a friendly mach..
  4. Me too ELMARTO. Great race it was!!
  5. 28528 Congrats with 3k lion
  6. 28440 Thank you LAWoman. And the same to you!!
  7. Thank you for sharing LAWoman!
  8. 28293 Hello and good afternoon.
  9. To see my daughter so happy on her birthday today, and so lucky I can cive her U2 tix
  10. I just give my daughter U2 tix for her birthday. She was so happy and jumping around... U2 here we come again! :)))

  11. 28265 I'm not sleeping!!!
  12. 28226 11 degrees and sunshine here today. LOVE IT
  13. I dont think Edge had shaved, for me he look the same. But I'm happy to see Bono go out again! http://www.herald.ie/news/bono-and-edge-join-noel-gallagher-at-highflying-gig-31044786.html
  14. 28190 Thank you Kastee, same to you ;-)
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