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  1. Happy friday to all in the ZOO! :-)

    1. pain_18_


      OHOHOHO !!!! Happy WeekEnd, Stan !

  2. 28132 Mine too! And she have birthday today!! Happy birthday mum, i love you!!
  3. Welcome Katrina and Susan! Hope you'll have fun here!!
  4. 801 Tell Mich to stay safe varm and dry.
  5. 28118 I think I stay home!
  6. 28099 Most of the time it's "House sparrow an black birds". The Black birds like to sing, it sound so nice and give more power and good mood imo!
  7. 28097 Oh you lucky man, and in your bed with good music! Everything good here too thanks! everyday we had a little bit more sun, and the light stay more and more every day, and sometimes in the morning I can hear bird singing..A good start for a new day!
  8. 28095 Hi Kastee! Just want to say hello before you go to bed. Everything okay for you/ your work okay?
  9. 28089 I hope you have a good weekend too Caroleen! Enjoy your whiskey and music, and give doggy a big hug!!
  10. 28080 You are the Winner!!!!!!!
  11. 787: Wish Grace have a new job soon! 788: Say to Mich she make one more beautiful picture. Love it!!
  12. 714: Say good luck to Beck for her tutorial on Saturday!
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