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  1. 28025 Hi Cris. Oh I don't know before now lol Thanks!
  2. 28003 Sorry Malahide. I call you next time!
  3. 27993 Yes........ all night
  4. 27983 I'm only looking..........
  5. stanley14

    Hard rock 1

    Nice picture Alcon!
  6. 27849 Happy birthday Cris! Hope you enjoy your day!!
  7. 27845 Thanks Kastee! I'm okay here, but sometime I think we all live in a crazy wold, and why people can do so many bad and stupid things!! I'll never understand!
  8. 27826 It's okay Anja. Everybody very quiet today, people put flower in front of the city hall in many city today. It's in the news all the time here!
  9. 27824 Hi Anja. Strange day here. Terror hit Denmark this weekend, 2 people died, and police kill 1 man they think is the terrorist. Very sad weekend!
  10. 650 Want to see what Anja's designs look like!
  11. 27816 Look out for the police Tan!
  12. 27810 Canival outside now, this must be cold fun lol
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