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  1. 27808 Good afternoon Tan. Sound like you had a funny saturday. Why where you dressed up like Hermione, party or just for fun ?
  2. 27806 Good you'r more settled now! Have a good night sleep Down Under!!
  3. 27803 Why you not sleep Kastee ?
  4. AC/DC open the show, and they did it very good! But I don't know why Beck win for "best rock album" I want U2 for the winner!!! imo. And Kayne W did a good performance too! I don't know if I like him or not... you know? But I don't think they send everything here in denmark, they cut it like they always do! http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/grammy-awards-2015-the-complete-winners-list-20150208
  5. stanley14


    Great pic, and a great memory from your trip!
  6. Grammy Awards from Los Angeles 2015
  7. 27761 Same here Malahide. But it's okay for me!!
  8. 27708 Another sunny day here!
  9. W.C. Fields can make me laugh everytime. I love him!!
  10. Warm hugs to everybody................................................. 2 dollar
  11. 27573 Hi Cris! How are you ?
  12. I have a virus on my comp, be back soon!! :((

  13. If you want free U2 downloads, you have to google it. If you want to be a menber of the family, go here http://www.u2.com/service/subscribe
  14. 27525 Enjoy your food Anja! Hope your back will stop hurt you!!!
  15. 27519 Sorry I was busy before! Hello Anja. Sometime when I go early to bed, I fell very good the next day. But I like my bed in the morning tooooooo!
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