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  1. 27513 One day you have to try and go early to bed Cris, next day you fell some good power!
  2. 27511 Evening Cris How are you ?
  3. 27509 The police are in the house!
  4. World champion 2015 France! Congratulations!!
  5. WOW. Enjoy the game!! Finale. World Cup Handball in Qatar 2015 France vs Qatar
  6. Welcome padra! Hope you'll have fun here!! If you need help, just ask!!
  7. 27435 Great Tan! just go for the big guys too, good training for you! I dont think the young man tell all his friend what happend to training.
  8. Liverpool vs West Ham (Football)
  9. 27430 Count me dear, count..................
  10. Quarter-final. World Cup Handball in Qatar 2015 Denmark vs Spain
  11. Congrats pada! You had a really good day today, and they play the right music for you in the radio!!!!!!
  12. 27031 Hi Cris! How are you ?
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