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  1. Happy New Year! Have you try to type your email again, and then save/update/submit? Try and lets see what happend.
  2. The album is already on many Torrents site
  3. 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification.

    Republic of Ireland v Denmark

    May the best team win. ;)

  4. This monster can be defeat! Keep fighting Eric, and all the best for you from Denmark ? (Big Hugs)
  5. I hope everybody is safe from the Hurricane Irma! 

    1. Frankaz


      Fine thanks! Although I think it's not coming over to Newcastle any time soon...

    2. pain_18_


      Brilliant Frankaz !

  6. They played "You're The Best Thing About Me" in Danish radio today!
  7. Thank you Manohlive It was so fantastic, I hope your turn will come!
  8. I was there with my daughter Saturday, what a night, everything was perfekt. And number 14, what a player he was. My all time favorite!! R.I.P. ? Cheers from Denmark.
  9. http://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/36904-amsterdam-29-july-u2thejoshuatree2017-live-thread/
  10. Amsterdam here we come! ?

  11. stanley14


    I love this picture
  12. stanley14


    Beautiful Picture Jill
  13. I just talk to a kind lady at TM Netherland, I want to know about my collector ticket. I upgrade from É - ticket to collector ticket 5 month ago, and they take my money for upgrade (no problem). Now she can see they not upgrade me, but I can still use my E - ticket, and they will send my collector tic later. But it was a gift for my daughter, and this is not what I want and pay for! Why have so many people problem with TM all the time? They have to much power, they only want the money, but they can't handle it. This is not professional! (sorry for my English) but I'm not happy!
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