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  1. Thank you so much for this great video! YNWA ?
  2. WHEN THE BREAKFAST BELL TOLLS, THE CHILDREN COME RUNNING https://drc.ngo/what-we-do/stories-from-the-field/when-the-breakfast-bell-tolls-the-children-come-running
  3. Hello and welcome to the Zoo David. Hope you have fun here ?. I have ticket to Amsterdam, but I hope you have fun in Dublin! ??? Cheers ✌
  4. Don't worry my friend. The main thing is you okay again! I hope you and your daughter are going to see them later. I think I had do the same as you do, this is U2! Hope all the best for you my friend! Cheers from Denmark. ?
  5. Hello natural11. Welcome here in the Zoo, hope you have fun here. ??
  6. Hello and welcome Patricia ? Hope you already have the best ticket for the show, and you not have to sell anymore LOL. Enjoy it here in the ZOO ?
  7. Save our Oceans - End plastic pollution now! https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/end_plastic_pollution_rb_loc/?bHxeefb&v=93758&cl=12698859605&_checksum=8739c0f67a57d71a3a41c7bf4facc848f873a26eefcdadcf037d5f0591e83d4b
  8. My e-tickets for Amsterdam was ready to print out two minute after I paid.
  9. stanley14


    Great picture. ?
  10. WOW!!! This picture gives me gooseflesh, love it bigwave. Thanks!
  11. Enjoy the tour everybody, and stay safe. ????

    1. tan_lejos_tan_cerca


      Same to you, Stanley!

  12. I'm talking about Collector ticket for Amsterdam 1. Like this one! http://www.ticketmaster.nl/feature/collectorticket/?language=nl-nl
  13. https://www.atu2.com/news/u2s-joshua-tree-tour-stage-is-being-built-in-houston.html
  14. I know Monica. But i see someone already have there collectors ticket for another concert I can't wait to have my ticket in my hand (sorry)
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