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  1. no, dont be concerned When I booked my tickets, I thought I had selected Collectors and only after my paper tickets arrived, I checked with TM and my order and found I hadn't so I then contacted TM and they were able to book me two collectors at the additional cost.... I suspect that my paper tickets are now useless, as i suspect they scan the barcodes This is what they message to me, you don't need the paper tickets when you have collector tickets. So don't worry John.
  2. This is good news, now I wait for my ticket for Amsterdam. Great!
  3. Some people like to sit on the sidelines ..blah, blah, blah..Others, like Bono, work to make the world a better place, every day. Cheers! Cheers!
  4. I'm trying to sign, but this is only for U.K
  5. Thanks Monica. Nothing change in my account, but I got this from TM today You're welcome! Don't worry, we always make sure the customer can attend the concert. If you don't receive them in time, just let us know and we always find a solution! Kind regards!
  6. Exactly, I'm in France and I received my collector tickets a few days after ordering them... I hope my tickets come before the event
  7. Hi folks. This is for Amsterdam, not sure it's the same for Dublin. First I order E-ticket, and have them in my mail. One week later I message TM and ask if I could upgrade to Collector ticket. (gift for my daughter) no problem, but they will cancel my E-ticket. So I need my Collector ticket for entrance. Here what they message to me.. When we upgrade to Collector Tickets, we make the old ticket invalid and issue new tickets. You can use the e-ticket as a means of giving her a psysical presents. The Collector Tickets are sent out about 10 days before the event. This means you s
  8. I just found this on the web. http://us.seatwave.com/buy-u2-tickets/amsterdam-arena-kaartverkoop-tickets/saturday--july-29--2017/perf/1093040 Amsterdam ArenA Sat Jul 29 2017 19:30
  9. No, I change my E ticket to collector ticket yesterday Let me hear when you got yours!
  10. Not a problem. The Amsterdam ArenA is just a 5 minutes walk away from the trainstation Amsterdam Arena Bijlmer. This is one of the bigger trainstations in Amsterdam. Here you can take a train, or the underground (metro in Dutch) back to the city center. The trainstation can be busy after a concert and they probably close it off for a short time so it won't get to busy on the platforms. But seriously, getting back to the city center is not a problem. Just don't take a cab, they are quite expensive in Amsterdam. Public transport (trams, underground, trains) is great in Amsterdam. Thanks for
  11. I'm going to Amsterdam this time. But this is just my word, and i'll hope you have the time of your life!
  12. No, they just give you the opportunity to select entrance and/or block. But if you need some kind of guidance you can use this: http://www.amsterdamarena.nl/stadium-surroundings/inside-the-arena.htm Thank you so much Gogme
  13. I tjek my mail when i work today, it was from U2.com. New tour..... my heart stop, I can't believe my eyes, my heart start again (thanks god) I'll try to get ticket for me and my daughter again again Thank you U2, you make my day! <3

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