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  1. Welcome Katrina and Susan! Hope you'll have fun here!!
  2. stanley14

    Hard rock 1

    Nice picture Alcon!
  3. stanley14


    Great pic, and a great memory from your trip!
  4. I have a virus on my comp, be back soon!! :((

  5. If you want free U2 downloads, you have to google it. If you want to be a menber of the family, go here http://www.u2.com/service/subscribe
  6. Welcome padra! Hope you'll have fun here!! If you need help, just ask!!
  7. Congrats pada! You had a really good day today, and they play the right music for you in the radio!!!!!!
  8. Beautiful pic badlands!!
  9. From all of me to all of you in the ZOO. I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    1. Anjana


      you too Stanley :)

    2. pain_18_


      My Head's Under Water but I'm Breathing fine...Even When I lose I'm winning !

    3. Rhi_K


      Happy New Year!

  10. You are a very good painter Cris. I hope someone can use your talent someday! Keep up the good work!!
  11. Great pic Rhi! :-) They look like mum!
  12. I found it eventually Me too! http://uk.complex.com/music/2014/12/u2-every-breaking-wave-video-premiere
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