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  1. You are Lucky U2LA, CONGRATS!!! I will do anything to have HBO in time!
  2. 32 671 Thank you Tan! When I read this, it bring me back to Stockholm 2. The same for me, The best show in my life!!! Even better than the real thing!
  3. Great memory Mich! Congrats!!
  4. You said it so right jaimea!!! I was a little bit worried before the show, think maybe i already seen the best of U2....... But already inside the venue I feel something (good) and when "people got the power" start and Bono walk in I was lost (again). They blew me right back to everything I always loved!! Thank you U2 for the best night ever for my daughter and I <3 "Even Better Than The Real Thing"
  5. You'r right Yardie! That's why we love U2, only U2 can make that sound, and at the same time Bono's voice! Perfect!!
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