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  1. ...and since you have prevailed, you get Spain in the Gold Medal game! Congratulations and good luck! 🍀
  2. My condolences, Max. Brazil is...well...Brazil - always a very tough matchup. Please win the Bronze Medal - you deserve some kind of tangible result for your efforts this very-crowded football year (however, I wonder if the football gods have it in for you this year - you get to play in the Bronze Medal game, but you have to play...Japan...the host team... 😬 ). Good luck! 🍀
  3. ...and I have a bit more time now. The US Men's National Team that won the CONCACAF Nations League final back in June was convincing to me; the version who played in the Gold Cup, however, didn't convince me for the longest time. They beat three opponents they should have beaten in the group stage, but none of them solidly (well, one win was solid, but against the weakest team). Their quarterfinal win over Jamaica was good enough for the desired result, but I still wasn't sold on them. Their beating Qatar in the semifinal was better - still just a 1-0 win, but Qatar is a top-notch team. W
  4. ...and the video that transformed me from someone who was aware of and liked U2 to someone who loved U2:
  5. Well, look at this! Here are the very first two hours of MTV's existence - Pat Benatar wants you to watch (when you have the time, of course) :
  6. Congratulations to Canada. They converted their one shot to win 1-0 on a late penalty kick. The penalty was truly a fluke and completely against the run of play. One of our defenders went to clear a ball played in long, and, as she went to kick it, one of Canada’s players stuck in her leg, our defender unintentionally kicked the back of her leg inside the penalty area. The referee did not call a penalty in real time; VAR made it one. The penalty was well struck against our reserve keeper (our stellar starting one hurt her right knee in the first half). The football gods decreed we w
  7. My sincere condolences - it’s no fun to lose a final. Just know that you have beaten us more in meaningful games than vice versa. We’ll enjoy our success while we can, though. Are you ready for the Octagon starting in September? (It really is an avalanche of football this year, isn’t it? I’m not complaining, but we have had quite a lot of football this year and we’re still not done…)
  8. You can’t go wrong with Kermit to convey emotion! 😄 Good luck!
  9. Well, I need to rest up for the Women’s Olympic semifinal against Canada which happens in less than four hours time, so further comment on this game will come later. BUT, the short version is that Team USA has followed up their winning the inaugural CONCACAF Nations League Final in June by winning the CONCACAF Gold Cup tonight! 🇺🇸 1-0 over Mexico in extra time! 😎 The goal was scored with just a couple of minutes left in the second extra-time period, saving everyone the agony of PKs. Just a wonderful performance! More later…
  10. Yes, it is - I accidentally looked at the quarterfinal matchups. I fixed it above now. 👍
  11. Yes - you two are in the semifinals of Men's football! (I hope that @Max Tsukino isn't fretting too much about the match-up.) The winner of your game plays the winner of Spain v Japan for the Gold Medal! 😊
  12. My goodness! Very high drama at the end of the final round of the golf! Xander Schauffele of the USA managed to win the Gold Medal! He was -18 for the four rounds. Congratulations to him! However, almost overshadowing his win are the stories behind 2nd and 3rd! Winning the Silver Medal is Rory Sabbatini of Slovakia. He started the day in 17th place - he proceeded to shoot a ten-under-par 61 to end up -17. Only Schauffele’s final putt on the 18th green prevented a playoff being needed for the Gold Medal! His 61 beat the previous Olympic record for any round of golf by two full strokes
  13. I put a link that may help you out in the Gold Cup thread. If it doesn't, my apologies in advance. OK - back to the Olympics! The golf is really coming down to the wire right now...
  14. Let's enjoy the first video ever played:
  15. Yes...August 1st, 1981...MTV came into existence, and it changed music completely. So many bands were discovered by so many because of it (raise your hand if you first discovered, or had your preexisting fandom greatly enhanced, by seeing U2 on MTV - yes, my hand is up!). Strangely, neither MTV nor MTV Classic are really doing anything special for the day today - it's especially strange that MTV Classic isn't. That seems like a no-brainer... Anyway, here is a great interview with the original VJs - Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter, Martha Quinn, and JJ Jackson. There are a l
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