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  1. This story just made me laugh. 😆 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f9eDBpnkaU
  2. Be sure to take her on a field trip to Delaware someday - it's as "magical" as Wayne & Garth make it out to be! P.S. I am grateful to Delaware for electing a certain Senator there, who later became the VP to our first African-American President, and is now, curiously enough, our current President. Of course, back in 1992, only the first part was true - so the sketch is still valid. 👍
  3. R.I.P., Hank Aaron. His passing happened a few days ago, and I meant to mention it then - he was a true sporting legend. I still remember that day in April in 1974 when he finally passed Babe Ruth for hitting the most home runs in Major League Baseball’s history. For him to do it as an African-American in the South in the 1970s made it even more remarkable (yes, unfortunately, he did get death threats as he was approaching Ruth’s home run mark). I also loved the symmetry in his career. The Atlanta Braves (where he played when he broke Babe Ruth’s record) were the Milwaukee Brave
  4. It came today - I’ll try it out later. (If it doesn’t work this month, I will finally have time to fiddle with 3rd-party apps to fix the rotation issue by the end of next month/beginning of the following month.) I was just thinking recently that it was quite fortuitous for us to be able to squeeze in this trip before the coronavirus gripped the planet. Lucky us! 🍀🍀🍀
  5. This is the song, upon seeing it back in 1983 on MTV, that transformed me from being aware of U2 and liking a handful of their songs to becoming a full-fledged U2 fan. I immediately bought "War" (on cassette - it was 1983) and haven't looked back since. It's one of the older songs I wish would work its way back into a future setlist...
  6. I think the Newark, NJ e&i show was the only one where they used it outside of the Apollo show. Those are the only two reported sightings I ever read about on any of the U2 sites I’ve been on (which makes me extra happy that I was at that particular Newark show by chance - I normally don’t see shows there).
  7. Yes - I would call that direct evidence of a 360-degree camera at the Apollo show (that you were so fortunate to attend. 😎) I hope that the footage from Newark, NJ and the Apollo show ends up in the wider world someday...
  8. Yes - I would call that incontrovertible evidence! 😄 That’s very good to know - thank you! Reports of 360-degree cameras would be hard to make up - they have a very distinctive appearance (this was by me at the Newark show back in 2018):
  9. Thank you for mentioning that. Was the concert recorded on video by the band? (I always suspected that the “alternative” methods of obtaining this show that @Max Tsukino mentioned on the previous page used cellphone video. Obviously, I don’t have the alternative in question.) Does anyone know one way or the other?
  10. MSNBC shows these clips on occasion - they are fantastic! I remember him as a commentator when I was living over there. He has a perfect commentator’s voice and delivery! 👍
  11. I think you’re going to get your wish. I don’t think they would cut that one. IMHO, I think their playing it on that night helped them to rediscover how good that song is live and, consequently, they ended up including that song during the 2nd half of the European leg for the e&i tour. (They did play it on the first or second night of e&i in the States, but it was dropped shortly thereafter.) If they end up cutting a song, it will probably be “Red Flag Day” because that was the song left off of the original SiriusXM broadcast. But, like you, I hope it ends up being the whole show,
  12. You’re welcome - thank you for saying so. I have to say, including this just-announced gift, this is the 3rd gift in a row that I thought was really good, i.e., even better than what I thought could be offered as a gift. Yes, there were small ways that they could have been even more perfect, but the gift ideas themselves were nothing but great. The two before these three (U2-3D and the JT singles) were a bit more chaotic (items not arriving (either in a timely fashion, or at all), damage in transit, etc.) But, there was a win even during this time - for U2-3D, we finally got access
  13. Well, there are plenty of people, both here and in general, who still enjoy CDs and DVDs. Your personally finding them “insignificant” doesn’t make such a belief an objective fact. (Also, I don’t quite understand why you are using your love of vinyl to impugn DVDs, since vinyl doesn’t have a visual component.) However, I have often wondered why audio gifts aren’t offered in multiple physical formats. If a choice were offered in advance (for example, at the time of one’s membership renewal) for what format one prefers if a gift in any given year is an audio one, more subscribers’ wishes co
  14. You pointed out one of my pet peeves with the band in general, i.e., their persistent and seemingly unrepentant urge to edit their own live recordings. This is not just true for them nowadays; it has been one of their core operating principles all the way back to UABRS. (BTW, I think you meant to say Boston, and not Chicago, for the ATYCLB deluxe - if your set has the Chicago "Elevation" tour show instead of the Boston show, you have an especially collectible version.) Back when VHS tapes roamed the Earth, they didn't release a full show without a missing song or two until POPMart. When D
  15. Thank you for posting this. I went back to research more info about the show, and you're right - it wasn't as long as normal e&i shows (I corrected my original post to reflect the more accurate info). To have the whole Apollo show without edits, 2 CDs would indeed be needed. At first, I wasn't sure why you were nominating "Red Flag Day" for exclusion; however, I then found out that the show as broadcast by SiriusXM excluded that song. Thus, U2 may be using the SiriusXM broadcast version as the source for a single CD. (I guess U2 wasn't happy with that version of RFD? I wonder why they excl
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