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  1. The Fixx show is still my next show, but there have been some adventures behind the scenes recently. First, the English Beat dropped out (I don’t know if it is because of COVID; it could have been for another reason), and Fastball were added in their place. This was fine with me; I like Fastball too. Then, Fastball dropped out. No idea why. So, now, it’s a show by The Fixx only! This is also fine with me because they were the main reason I was going to this show. I need my Fixx fix. 😎
  2. Success! 😃 I have figured out how to post portrait photos that have been reduced in size here from an iPhone without the picture rotating by 90 degrees! (Strangely, I have Charlie Watts to thank for this epiphany - he helps make the world better even from beyond.) Finally, pictures I wanted to include long ago will be able to be seen here. Stay tuned… 😎
  3. …and now I have seen “No Time To Die”, and I did indeed love it! 😎👍 My first film in a theater in almost 2 1/2 years! For those who only watch Bond films sporadically: if you plan on seeing this one, be sure to see “Spectre” first. You would miss a few things if you didn’t see “Spectre” first. I loved the little nods to the whole Bond franchise throughout the film as well - very nice touches!
  4. Yes, if they are going to be doing anything for AB 30 (and they sure as hell should be), something needs to be said ASAP. Lots of good suggestions above on both pages. Throw us some kind of bone, please… 🙏
  5. Was is as good as advertised? It opens next week here.
  6. My attire for the day. The SOE album and e&i tour supporting it (and the time after it) has been one of my favorite eras of my whole life (overlooking COVID, of course - that bit, in and of itself, has been dreadful). So, this had to be the shirt today.
  7. …and Haysi Fantayzee and Sigue Sigue Sputnik - so, it wasn’t all quality. 😄 Yes, the British post-punk bands (New Romantics, New Wave, etc.) definitely got a lot of viewing everywhere because of MTV. The thing is MTV did a much better job covering new acts than the radio did in the US at that time. If you didn’t have a college radio station nearby, you missed a lot of good new music, even by quality domestic acts (e.g., R.E.M.). So, thank you again, MTV (when it was still properly MTV)!
  8. (There are more pictures from the show on the previous page.) The setlist (not in order played) : I Will Follow Out Of Control Sunday Bloody Sunday (w/ "Please" interpolated in the middle - that worked really well!) New Year's Day Pride Streets (w/ names of the fallen on 9/11 on the screen like U2 did during the Super Bowl in 2002) With Or Without You Bullet The Blue Sky (complete with "Bono" using spotlight) In God's Country Desire All I Want Is You Until The End Of The World Who's Gonna Ride You Wild Horses Mysterious Ways Beautiful Day Miracle Drug (yes, really!) Original Of The Species (yes, really, again!) The Miracle Of Joey Ramone (the show opener) (They may have played "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" too - I listened to live U2 on the way down to the venue, so I might be confusing which band played the song last night. 😄) So, yes, they played for a while - so long that they had an intermission in the middle. They were ready to play and they played wonderfully. The crowd was very enthusiastic, with many dancing down front. A great evening which also honored the solemnity of the day.
  9. …and I added some photos from the show on the “U2 Tribute Band Clearinghouse” thread. Enjoy them at your leisure, if you would like.
  10. …and a last couple from the show:
  11. A few more shots (during “Bullet”) :
  12. A tribute to the fallen during “Streets”:
  13. My view of the stage was quite good! 😄 They usually play GA clubs/theaters, but this one had reserved seats. Fortunately, I was able to be front row center. 😎
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