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  1. I - after many, many months - finally finished 1st in the Diamond League (i.e., the highest of their 10 leagues) for the week on Duolingo! 😊 The highest I was ever able to finish was third (once in the Diamond League, once in a lower league that I can't remember). I even did it as a free member too; so, I beat out all the other free and paid members this past week as well. 😎 I have to give a lot of credit to Duolingo - they make learning a new language very entertaining. (I do recommend the app to others wanting to learn a new language.)
  2. dmway

    R.I.P. Thread

    It not a matter of "wanting"; it's the matter that so much occurred during that administration that was completely reprehensible. It's hard to erase images like those from Abu Ghraib from the memory - that administration was directly responsible for those atrocious acts. PEPFAR was/is great - however, you are giving credit to GWB that more properly belongs to Bono. PEPFAR never would have occurred to GWB on his own without Bono's lobbying. Al Gore and John Kerry wouldn't have needed more than one meeting and most likely would have come up with more money. I give GWB credit for not rejecting an idea that was self-evidently good, but that's about it. It's good that you said that you don't think that I "blindly follow Democrats" because I don't. (Of course, your mentioning at all certainly implied it.) On the whole, I think the Democrats are actually too centrist too often. However, when the other party greedily embraces its lunatic fringe, you can't merely end up being appeasers in the guise of being "fair-minded". When extremists hijack a party, the only rational thing is to oppose. The Democrats weren't hypocritical during Clinton's impeachment. They listened to the evidence and realized that they couldn't justly remove a president from office for a personal failing. You are justly removed from office if you abuse the power of your office for political gain. This is why less than 100% of the Republicans in the House and Senate voted against him as well. They realized that it would have been an abuse of the impeachment process had they succeeded, and they would have had to own the decision eternally. A president who attempts to extort a country to come up with bogus opposition research against one's opponent in an upcoming election is a proper predicate for removal from office; one lying to cover up the fact one has had an affair is not. The Senate should have censured President Clinton for sure. However, once they went the impeachment route, they could only fairly vote they way they did. Thus, he stayed in office. (Bono called out the Republicans quite pointedly during that whole controversy as well, you know.) Yes, I miss the old days when there was more cooperation. However, from 1994 onward, one party has attempted to become more dictatorial as time has gone on; the other had to play defense against it. There isn't common ground for compromise in such an environment. Once we have fewer McConnells and Trumps in power, middle ground begins to exist again. Let's hope that happens sooner rather than later. Back on topic: R.I.P., RBG.
  3. dmway

    R.I.P. Thread

    I'm sorry - I have to push back here because this is simply a false equivalence, vis a vis, Supreme Court nominations - this point is proven by simply the mention of one name: Merrick Garland. There is no one more nakedly partisan and extreme than Mitch McConnell - the only person remotely in the same neighborhood is the (thankfully, former) Congressman Newt Gingrich. He/they were/are/always will be absolutely shameless. Had there been a Republican president in 2016 and Chuck Schumer had been Senate Majority Leader, he never would have done what McConnell did back then - Mitch held that Supreme Court vacancy unfilled for almost 9 full months in advance of the 2016 election just for the chance to get in a Justice like Neil Gorsuch in 2017. Gorsuch has the spot that rightfully belongs to Garland. George W. Bush deserves to be trashed. Just because he allowed himself a moment of clarity due to Bono's persistent lobbying doesn't mean that he should bask in any glory. He did what was right with Africa, but he had to be strongly convinced to do so. His doing what was right in Africa doesn't make up for what his administration did in Iraq, Afghanistan, the prisoners who are still imprisoned without charge in Guantanamo, etc., etc. His administration, I thought, would be the worst administration of my lifetime after Nixon's - unfortunately, and unbelievably, he has been dethroned by the current administration. They have no right to fill this seat before next year. I do think that Trump and McConnell will be hypocritical and shameless enough to try. What we have to hope for is that enough Republican senators finally grow a conscience and a spine sufficient enough to prevent McConnell from doing so. Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, to her credit, has already taken such a position; let's hope at least 3 more Republican senators see the light too. RGB does not deserve to be replaced by another Brett Kavanaugh-type Justice. Back on topic: R.I.P., RGB.
  4. dmway

    R.I.P. Thread

    Yes, it is truly horrible. Let’s hope our current “president” and immoral Senate Majority Leader don’t compound the tragedy by trying to fill the spot immediately - however, knowing who they are...
  5. Very well said. 👍 I highlighted the bit I agree with the most - this set, and the JT set released 3 years ago, would have really benefited with the addition of a BluRay audio disc with 5.1 and high-resolution stereo versions of each. Even people who didn’t have a surround system would benefit from this - you have room for all the b-sides and other extra tracks too on such a disc. The Beatles “Abbey Road” was done in Dolby Atmos too - talk about immersive sound! The best thing about Atmos is that the effect works even if you don’t have a dedicated decoder for it. Bono once sang “let me in the sound” - Dolby Atmos puts you there. Let’s hope such releases exist someday.
  6. I’m glad I wasn’t drinking when I first read this - I would have spit my drink across the room... 😄
  7. My goodness - you would think that shipping to South America would have gotten a little better by now.... Are you aware of anyone in Brazil (or the rest of South America, for that matter) who has received the Berlin DVD?
  8. ...and we’re back to 90 degree rotation again with iOS 14. Hmmm...I’m going to have to figure out how to report this issue to Apple. When iOS 13 first came out, it wasn’t a problem; it became one after one of the updates was released later...the battle continues.
  9. Just in case there are viewing parties in the future - one never knows...
  10. Hmmm...well, I'm glad that this album is getting the deluxe treatment; however, as many of you have expressed above, I also am a bit confused by the offerings. The good news: getting the CD version of the Boston show is a very nice bonus. Not everyone has the ability/interest in just ripping the audio off of the DVD, so, this is a welcome addition to the U2 catalogue. However, even that offering has things that make one scratch one's head. When the most recent JT deluxe edition came out, I held off on getting the full boxset because I'm not all that bothered on having every single remix available. The 2CD version of the JT deluxe had the same live show from MSG included on it as the boxset, so I was completely content with that (really, I consider the original 2007 deluxe boxset to be more definitive for JT). However, the 2CD version of ATYCLB has an edited version of the Boston show, only including 13 of the 19 tracks. In addition, even the 2CD version of the show is still not the full show - both "Pride" and "Mysterious Ways" were performed at that concert. These were edited off of the DVD and, sadly, aren't reintroduced on the CDs, despite their being ample room to have included both. A bit of a missed opportunity... I'm also a little sad that, if one already has the "Medium, Rare & Remastered" set from U2.com and "The Million Dollar Hotel" soundtrack, you basically have all of the extra studio tracks on offer here, with the exception of the acoustic "Stuck In A Moment" (perhaps there weren't any more unreleased tracks from the ATYCLB sessions). I guess the advantage is having them all on one disc - that's something, I suppose. The remixes are a neutral for me - nice that they exist, but they probably won't get extended spins in my player. For those outside the UK/ROI, you can finally have the version of ATYCLB with "The Ground Beneath Her Feet" as the concluding song. That will be helpful for some. I'm also a bit disappointed that there isn't a video component for this set. However, consistent with my optimistic nature, I'm going take this omission as hopeful indirect sign that there is a deluxe HD live boxset coming someday. A U2 fan can dream, out loud even... In summary, I will most probably get the deluxe boxset, but I wish I had had the option of getting a 3CD version that had the remastered ATYCLB with the full DVD-version of the Boston show - I would have purchased that in a heartbeat. (The 2CD version just has too much missing.)
  11. This has to be one of the more touching stories coming out during our pandemic: https://edition.cnn.com/travel/amp/dog-rejoin-owners-covid/index.html
  12. Unexpectedly, an iOS 13.7 was just released today. Will this help? Let’s find out... ...and I tried out a couple of test pictures. There has been some progress! Now the pictures that are reduced in size before posting are rotated by 180 degrees instead of just 90! 😆 Oh well...iOS 14 is out later this month - maybe that will be the cure. 🍀🍀🍀
  13. Even in a COVID world, unicorns can come to your rescue 🦄 : https://www.newsweek.com/little-girl-lost-sea-found-floating-unicorn-1528383
  14. That’s my hope too - although I would accept HD versions of one/both of those shows as part of it as well.
  15. Yes, their sources are generally very good. I personally regard it as something that will happen. However, this is still the right area to post such information until this website confirms it. 🤷‍♂️
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