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  1. @Carlos mentioned it on the front page, so I thought it would be worth it to start a thread here. Here is the story from U2songs: https://www.u2songs.com/news/rumours_achtung_baby_at_30 I really like some things being discussed in the body of the story and am also less fond of others - however, overall, I'm glad that AB is being revisited again. Apparently, more news about the November commemoration and beyond will be coming next month. 👍
  2. I'm happy that the overwhelming majority of people are understanding why Simone Biles pulled out of the team competition this morning. I'm glad that people are taking mental fitness as seriously as physical fitness in today's world. Congratulations to the team for winning the silver medal - also to the Russian team for winning the gold and for Team GB for winning the bronze.
  3. The second batch of semifinals are now finished! The scores: Costa Rica 0-2 Canada USA 1-0 Jamaica This isn't your Dad's Canada side - these guys are a solid team now. Costa Rica also has proven now that they are a team in transition. Canada won this game without much trouble; they could have scored more than 2 goals quite easily with better finishing. Playing Jamaica (again...it seems like we play them in the knockout rounds in every Gold Cup) is always a pain. I was really hoping that they would beat Costa Rica in their last group stage game so that they (i.e., Jam
  4. The swimming rivalry with Australia is heating up nicely! 😄 Both teams have had successes to brag about so far. First, congratulations to Ariarne Titmus for doing something no other female swimmer has done against Katie Ledecky - finish in front of her! 😄 Australia also won the Women's 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay too! We held up our end of the bargain by winning the Men's 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay and the Men's 400m Individual Medley (and got the silver in the same event). Lots more head-to-head action to come... At the moment, we have 6 golds, 2 silvers, and 4 bronzes - great work so far!
  5. That was a crazy back-and-forth match! Peaty is a machine - he just seems like he will never stop.
  6. Wow...what a great couple of games in the first batch of semifinals, and for different reasons too. The scores: Qatar 3-2 El Salvador Mexico 3-0 Honduras I said it before - Qatar is for real! They scored three goals in the first half, then held on for dear life in the second half against El Salvador. I am not thrilled, if we get by Jamaica later today, that we would have to play Qatar in one of the semifinals. They have been legitimately good in this competition! Mexico reminded everyone that they are still Mexico, i.e., very, very good! 😄 They scored all three
  7. Now things are getting going... USA Women's football team rediscovered themselves with a tidy 6-1 victory. I recognized them in this game! 😄 Swimming has started, so medals are starting to roll in - 1 Gold, 2 Silver, and 3 Bronze so far (at the time of this writing; it could be more by the time I check in again). Another Bronze in skateboarding - I never thought I would write those words before! What used to be X-games are now becoming mainstream Olympic games...
  8. …and it’s Quarterfinals, Round 1 tonight! Round 2 will be tomorrow night. Today, it’s: Qatar v El Salvador Mexico v Honduras Good luck to all the teams!
  9. Ah, I see - your FMF has more direct control over which players play where than our ruling body then. For us, it would depend on the player - e.g., Christian Pulisic could pretty much say where and when he wanted to play (he’s playing in pre-season Premier League games instead of the Gold Cup; if we had qualified for the Olympics, I’m sure he would have chosen to go to Tokyo); lower-quality players would happily be on any team where they could have hope for playing time). Yes, I guess Ochoa has been around a while - the Olympics might be the best he can get now. Thanks!
  10. It's great being to be able to play Argentina without Lionel Messi playing, isn't it? 😄 The referee was a bit card-happy as well - that unfortunately impacted the game too. But, you can only play the team that's in front of you, and you did that very well! Congratulations! That's one of those games that will wake them up - better now than in a knockout stage game (as happened in the last Olympics in Rio in the quarterfinals at the hands of...Sweden)! Sweden is a quality side - the loss won't bother them as much as the margin of victory. They should win the last two group st
  11. There’s a record store in England that I buy music from sometimes (Burning Shed), and they have a habit of putting little promotional items along with the items they ship - this is what they sent in my most recent order: I never expected to receive a card with Kate Bush, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, David Bowie, King Crimson, and Steven Wilson (the founder of Burning Shed - also a musician/remixer extraordinaire and formerly of the excellent band Porcupine Tree) all in masks - now that's topical. 👍
  12. ...and the quarterfinals for this weekend are all set! First, let's go over the results of the games before discussing how they impacted the quarterfinals: Group C Suriname 2-1 Guadeloupe Costa Rica 1-0 Jamaica Group D Honduras 0-2 Qatar Panama 3-1 Grenada Final tables for both groups: Group C Costa Rica (9 pts./+4 GD) Jamaica (6 pts./+2 GD) Suriname (3 pts./-2 GD) Guadeloupe (0 pts./-4 GD) Group D Qatar (7 pts./+6 GD) Honduras (6 pts./+3 GD) Panama (4 pts./+1 GD) Grenada (0 pts./-10
  13. Sorry for the delay in reporting last night's results - I did the sane thing and went to bed at a responsible time last night. 😄 OK - let's quickly give the results for the games where the teams involved were saying farewell to the tournament. In Group A, Guatemala and Trinidad & Tobago had a 1-1 draw (a good result for Guatemala; probably a bit of a disappointing one for T&T); and, in Group B, Haiti beat Martinique, 2-1 (this was a fair result - Haiti was the 3rd-best team in Group B, and it's good that the final results show that). Now, to the games with higher drama...
  14. R.I.P., Robby Steinhardt, the violinist from Kansas (the band, that is - I think he is originally from the state too). He was one of the people who proved that violins could be played in rock bands. I put a good sample of his playing in the "What Are You Listening To?" thread (and, no, it's not "Dust In The Wind" - putting that there today would have been a bit too morbid (although he does play very well in that song too)). He helped Kansas stand apart from other bands back then. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/robby-steinhardt-kansas-obit-dead-1198999/
  15. My concert schedule is filling up a little bit more now! I’ll be seeing Jason Bonham’s “Led Zeppelin Evening” in mid-November - and, in October, I am now seeing the joint tour by The English Beat and The Fixx! 😎 I really only know “Save It For Later” from The Beat (as they are called in their native England); however, I have always loved The Fixx, and I never miss them live if I can see them. So, I’m going. 😊 That’s 2 concerts in September, one in October, 2 in November, and one in December for the remainder of 2021 - not bad… It’s just nice to see any shows again.
  16. (Test edit - ignore if nothing is visible.)
  17. Well, Group D has had the most entertaining games of this tournament, and one of the games today was the very best of the tournament so far! First, the scores of the 2nd games in Group D: Grenada 0-4 Qatar Panama 2-3 Honduras So, the group now looks like this: Group D Honduras (6 pts./+5 GD) Qatar (4 pts./+4 GD) Panama (1 pt./-1 GD) Grenada (0 pts./-8 GD) Honduras has now clinched a berth in the quarterfinals, and Grenada will be watching the quarterfinals on TV (if they want to, that is). However, we learned a few things about this gr
  18. Today's (technically, yesterday's) games in Group C have finished - they were very entertaining! Guadeloupe 1-2 Jamaica Suriname 1-2 Costa Rica The group now looks like this: Group C Costa Rica (6 pts./+3 GD) Jamaica (6 pts./+3 GD) Guadeloupe (0 pts./-3 GD) Suriname (0 pts./-3 GD) Like Group B yesterday, the top 2 teams (Costa Rica and Jamaica) have now qualified for the quarterfinals; the bottom two teams have been eliminated from play beyond the last group stage game. These games actually had a lot of drama. In each game, the team wh
  19. ...and now Group B has had their second games, and they had lots of goals! The results: Haiti 1-4 Canada Martinique 1-6 USA So, now the group looks like this: Group B Canada (6 pts./+6 GD) USA (6 pts./+6 GD) Haiti (0 pts./-4 GD) Martinique (0 pts./-8 GD) So, very simply, this means a couple of things: Canada and the USA are both already in the quarterfinals, and Haiti and Martinique are now both eliminated. Canada is barely ahead of the USA on the "goals scored" tiebreaker (8 vs. 7 so far), so they are still technically first in the gr
  20. Let the 2nd games in each group begin! Tonight was the Group A's turn. The results: Trinidad & Tobago 0-2 El Salvador Guatemala 0-3 Mexico So, that now makes the group look like this: Group A El Salvador (6 pts./+4 GD) Mexico (4 pts./+3 GD) Trinidad & Tobago (1 pt./-2 GD) Guatemala (0 pts./-5 GD) So, we have learned a few things from tonight's games: El Salvador has now clinched a quarterfinal berth, and Guatemala has been eliminated from play beyond the group stage. Mexico played much better tonight, most of all in terms of ac
  21. ...and now game 1 in every group has been played! The results for Group D tonight: Qatar 3-3 Panama Honduras 4-0 Grenada Group D Honduras (3 pts./+4 GD) Panama (1 pt./0 GD) Qatar (1 pt./0 GD) Grenada (0 pts./-4 GD) OK, as you can see, this group unexpectedly had more fireworks in their first games than the other 3 groups did! Qatar played VERY well! They had the lead on three different occasions tonight, and all 6 goals of the game were scored in the 2nd half - it was 0-0 at halftime! Panama needs to be commended for coming back each t
  22. ...and the first games in Group C are now finished! The results: Jamaica 2-0 Suriname Costa Rica 3-1 Guadeloupe Group C Costa Rica (3 pts./+2 GD) Jamaica (3 pts./+2 GD) Guadeloupe (0 pts./-2 GD) Suriname (0 pts./-2 GD) Costa Rica and Jamaica won games they were expected to win; however, it was an important win for Costa Rica - they hadn't won a game since 2019! They lost 11 straight until tonight's win. (Costa Rica are technically first at the moment due to the "goals scored" tiebreaker.) Tomorrow, we finally get the first
  23. OK, the three games in the Gold Cup last night went as follows: Canada 4-1 Martinique USA 1-0 Haiti El Salvador 2-0 Guatemala Those three results, combined with last night's unexpected draw in the Mexico/T&T match in Group A, make for strange group orders after one game: Group A El Salvador (3 pts./+2 GD) Mexico (1 pt./0 GD) Trinidad & Tobago (1 pt./0 GD) Guatemala (0 pts./-2 GD) Group B Canada (3 pts./+3 GD) USA (3 pts./+1 GD) Haiti (0 pts./-1 GD) Martinique (0 pts./-3 GD) For Group A so fa
  24. dmway

    Euro 2021

    Well, if you are craving more football, the CONCACAF Gold Cup has started and has already yielded unexpected results! Look for the dedicated thread in this area if you wish to keep up with things. 😎 ⚽
  25. dmway

    Euro 2021

    I'm glad to read that people here are proud of the players on England's squad - that's the reaction that they deserve. (And certainly better than the pre-game storming of the stadium: https://global.espn.com/football/uefa-european-championship/story/4430638/euro-2020-final-fans-try-to-storm-wembley-before-italy-vs-england ) England has come so far since 2016 (doesn't the game with Iceland seem like another lifetime ago?) - they finished 4th in the last World Cup, they finished 3rd in the most recent UEFA Nations League, and now they have finished runners-up in the next most difficul
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