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  1. Well, it's a nice thing to hope for, but the reality unfortunately is the opposite: the tickets are selling like hotcakes. The Philadelphia date was completely sold out in one day (Genesis is absolutely huge here; 70s progressive rock in general is, but especially Yes and Genesis); NYC already has a 2nd show, but both shows are virtually sold out already too. I got tickets I wanted for The Stones and The Who in the past that way too (i.e., days before/day of the show) - however, I very much resent having to shop for tickets that way as some kind of "new normal". You can luck out, but you
  2. The Musical Box are great and are worth catching. You'll thank yourself for seeing them. 👍 Seconded on your assessment of TM - that is how they think now. It's atrocious supply-side economics on steroids...
  3. Happy Birthday, Bono! 😎 Two of the men I admire most in my life were born on May 10th: you and my Dad (my Dad had it first by 15 years, though). This is still the background of the screen on my phone; this picture also reminds me of one of the best U2 shows I have ever seen (July 1, 2018 - MSG #3, e&i tour) - have a great day!
  4. Yes, I am (unfortunately) well-aware of this upcoming tour. I did try to get tickets for Philadelphia and NYC; however, when I witnessed the wallet-crushing prices for the tickets, I intentionally didn’t buy any. I’m not paying $500 (or more) to be close to the stage; I’m also not paying $150-$250 (even before the ridiculous added Ticketmaster fees) to get a mediocre-to-bad seat. Thus, I gave the shows on sale so far a pass. I instead scratched my “Genesis-itch”, so to speak, with the two concerts I mentioned above. Steve Hackett only charged $85 for his ticket (and I’m in the 5th row of
  5. Hey! This topic may become more active again! 😎 I am seeing The Musical Box (a Peter Gabriel-era Genesis tribute band) on the Saturday after Thanksgiving this year (i.e., November 27th), and I’m seeing Steve Hackett again (the classic guitarist from that same era of Genesis) in April 2022! 😊 However, my first show will be Unforgettable Fire (an outstanding U2 tribute band) again in August - I just haven’t gotten around to buying the ticket yet. Concerts again! 😃
  6. Check your e-mails, if you haven't done so recently - according to the e-mail about this set, apparently, in addition to the 2 CDs and nice packaging, we are getting...a facemask too! 😄 This added feature could be part of the delay, I suppose. Anyway, that's a cool extra! 👍
  7. This topic came up before in another thread, and I'll summarize what I said there here. IMHO, I'd be very surprised if they didn't release another set to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of AB. They double-dipped for JT (i.e., it got both 20th and 30th anniversary sets); thus, I expect the only other U2 album to sell more than 10 million copies worldwide to get the same treatment. There are other reasons to think this will happen too. The last two deluxe sets released (i.e., JT and ALYCLB) not only had CD versions, but vinyl versions as well (at absolutely eye-watering p
  8. Congratulations to Medina Spirit, the winner in this year’s Kentucky Derby! 🐎 

    I mention it here in appreciation of any and all of the baby steps back to semi-normality. The race was actually run on the first Saturday in May, as it was two years ago and when it normally is run (it was in September last year and was without fans).

    Also, this horse’s path to the Kentucky Derby couldn’t have been more unexpected. The horse was sold at auction originally in 2019 where it fetched the “princely sum” of $1,000. It was resold to the current owner at $35,000. (If you follow horse racing even casually, you will most probably know that both of these sums are laughably small - blue chip racehorses customarily go for several hundred thousand dollars each, with the very best going for over a million, sometimes well over.)

    However, if you give a horse like him to Bob Baffert for training, and then give him a jockey who has won the Derby several times before, you can turn the “little-horse-that-could” into the little horse who did! All in all, a very inspiring story. 👍 


  9. Extra blessings for his family and friends! 🙏🙏🙏 I’m glad you got to be introduced to his philosophy before he made his transition. His body may be gone, but the benefit he brought to you and many others in the world remains. Let that be some comfort for you. 🙏🙏🙏
  10. dmway

    U23D souvenir

    I remember that promotional postcard (among the other items)! It was a lovely memento of a great film! 👍
  11. Ok, thank you for checking on that. However, what I wrote above is still true - here on this thread there are now 7 unique emojis in that post. When I posted it originally here, it was only 4. Somehow, it changed over time. On my profile, if you look at this now-infamous emoji post, it has the 4 I put originally only (again, looking at it on Apple products). I wonder why it would be different looking on-thread versus my profile. 🤔 I’ll check out both areas on a PC and see if there is a similar discrepancy. Based on what you have just pointed out, it should turn out to be 7 emojis in
  12. Right - the emojis are visible here on-thread, but they are not the correct ones. Look at the post I made above in my profile, and you’ll see the way they are supposed to look. The ones I posted were the ones just released today - only the syringe came through properly here. The site used two separate emojis here on-thread that are only supposed to be one emoji each.
  13. …and 14.5 was just released today! I’ll give it a “test drive”, so to speak, here later. While we’re waiting, here’s are some new emojis: 😵‍💫 😮‍💨 💉 ❤️‍🔥 Pretty cool! 😎 P.S. Only the syringe came through properly! 😄 I guess the site needs the emoji upgrade first before they show properly! P.P.S. Very strange…on my profile, this post has the correct emojis, but not here on-thread. Quite curious. I wonder why that is…
  14. 46, 657 Agreed on the Super League too. That was a bad idea. Having said that, let me add that I wouldn’t be too hasty blaming the Americans exclusively for this silly idea: the last teams who haven’t withdrawn from the league are from Spain and Italy, and none of those teams are owned by Americans. Enough said. Let’s keep things as they are; everything is working, and everyone is making (too much) money.
  15. Happy Earth Day! 🌎

    (...and belated birthday wishes to the Eternal City: Rome, Italy! It turned 2,774 years young yesterday. 😊)


    1. Manohlive


      I love Rome.  I've spent over a year of my life in that city.  I doubt I'll ever win the lottery but Trastevere in Rome is where I'll be when I move!   2,774 years old-hard to fathom.

      Earth Day was established by Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin.  I've always hoped it somehow balanced out the fact that we had inadvertently pooped out Senator Joseph McCarthy. 

    2. seresere


      Rome... I've seen 3 U2's gigs there! (Vertigo Tour 2005, 360° Tour 2010 and The Joshua Tree Tour 2017) Great memories!

      Happy Earth Day! I hope to enjoy my garden blooming in the next few days!! *_*

  16. Just a small word of caution with that particular version of ATYCLB. You won’t be getting the full version of the Boston show; you’ll only be getting highlights. If you already knew that, then you’re all set. However, if you wanted the full soundtrack of the Boston DVD on CD, you would have to get the full boxset. You might want to check out the difference between the two versions - there are some pretty substantial omissions on the single live CD versus the 2CD version in the boxset. FYI...
  17. A small correction here - they did have a version for regular theaters as well. The first time I saw it, it was in an IMAX theater; however, the second time I saw it was in a regular theater. So, both options exist, FWIW.
  18. ...and continuing the good news today, I am getting my 1st dose of the Pfizer vaccine this coming Saturday! 😎 Thank you, Biden Administration, for making these vaccines more available more quickly! At first, I thought I would be lucky to get my 1st dose before the end of May; now, I will have both doses before Memorial Day! Thank goodness. Another of the baby steps back to semi-normality.
  19. One day late, but my Dad got his 2nd Moderna vaccine yesterday! 😊 So, now he is only two weeks away from maximum immunity. 😎
  20. It was your 11th anniversary as a subscriber yesterday! 😃 Parabéns! 🎉🎊🍾🎈 


    1. andryu2


      I hadn't noticed that. Thank you!

    2. dmway


      You’re welcome. 😊


  21. Thirded. I saw this twice when it first came out (first in an IMAX theater in NYC, then again on a more traditionally-sized screen); it is indeed worth seeing. The IMAX show I sort of count as a concert I attended in the flesh - it really did feel just like being there. This film does get occasional showings in theaters: e.g., in 2017 or 2018, an IMAX in NJ was showing the film; despite living in PA, I did entertain the idea of driving over to see it. If it ever happens again, I would definitely make the effort to go see it, even if I had to go as far as NYC again to do it. It’s
  22. ...and I have now checked, and...no new shows yet. However, Unforgettable Fire have updated their website (it looks quite snazzy now). While we wait for them to hit the road again, you can witness the time when UF was playing a show in NYC for the 20th anniversary celebration of the atU2 site (R.I.P.) back in 2015 - UF were surprisingly joined on-stage by...The Edge and Adam themselves! 😎 Video of the event is here: https://www.uf2.com/u2-uf Pretty cool! (Also, those in the UK, please see Ric's message at the end of the previous page - you have some shows you ca
  23. Hooray! The old tribute band thread I created still works! 😃 Thank you for revitalizing it, Ric! Good luck with your shows! 🍀 I’ll have to see if UF is planning shows now. Thanks again for bumping this thread! 😎
  24. I concur. (I always thought that was done in the past as an effort to “buy time”, as it were. Having a couple of songs intermittently spread out over a long period of time just looked like a placating effort that, frankly, just wasn’t very pleasing - it was much more frustrating than pleasing.) Anyway, I agree. 👍
  25. Good observations to note - my Dad gets his second dose of the Moderna vaccine this coming Sunday. He had no observable side effects after the first dose (however, knowing my Dad, he would have done his very best not to show it if he had felt anything wrong - oh, those Baby Boomers...); however, the public reporting has been saying consistently that the side effects after the second dose are much more numerous/potent. You seem to be feeling that. I'll be vigilant on Sunday. Feel better/less lethargic as soon as you can!
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