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  1. Very well said! I absolutely love it when I see Dina Titus interviewed on TV - she has a perfect Southwestern US/Nevada accent and talks like people talk out there (i.e., directly). Please feel free to pass on my compliment to her whenever you see her next - LV has a very good congresswoman there. Yes, what you said about the aftermath of the election I can only agree with. As much as it looked like some awful things could happen, we seem to have been spared. Long may that continue... The last few popular votes are just about finished being counted in the very large states (e.g., New
  2. Sorry that I've been away for a bit - a digital detox is good sometimes. I couldn't possibly summarize what has been going on since the last time I checked in. Lots of sideshows from the Trump campaign, basically to keep fleecing money from members of what is effectively his "cult" - let's remember that, if Trump definitely is good at one thing, it's being a shameless grifter - he's done that since the 1980s. Despite the bluster, Joe Biden will be our next president on January 20, 2021 (unless Mike Pence is briefly our next president first so that he can pardon his predecessor - I sense
  3. P.S. to the post above... ...now, it’s the beginning of the end of the nonsense from the Trump campaign: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/11/23/politics/transition-biden-gsa-begin/index.html About damn time...
  4. Yes, I made the same observation a couple of pages back: So, he's having a recount to merely suggest the appearance that there was something wrong. It will do no such thing - if anything, I expect Biden's lead to widen after the recount. So, thank you, Mr. Trump, for allowing us to celebrate Biden's win in WI twice! In another kabuki-theater pseudo-controversy, MI finally certified their vote this afternoon. Of course, it should have been a 4-0 vote to certify, since there was no reason to do anything else (there are 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans on the board); however, it
  5. No big deal - Alex deserves to be honored twice.
  6. Yes! That is a reason to get the single-disc version on its own (of course, as you may have already figured out, I already had the UK/ROI version; however, still, it’s nice to have a mildly improved version of TGBHF now.)
  7. I never saw anything on the camera either; it was like they were avoiding it. 😄 So, will the site being doing anything for its own anniversary/birthday? It seems like something ought to be happening - merely acknowledging it would be a good start. Just saying...
  8. I couldn’t agree more. Former FBI Director Jim Comey even wrote in his book that Rudy was his inspiration for wanting to become a Federal prosecutor. As you mentioned, his action as mayor in NYC during/after 9/11 brought him nothing but acclaim, acclaim that he couldn’t have trashed more thoroughly than if he had done it on purpose. That’s what blows my mind the most - i.e., he seems to think that he is sincerely being helpful to the nation with what he is doing. On the other hand, maybe he has gone all in for the Dark Side and truly doesn’t give a sh!t for anyone but himself or his
  9. ...and I finally got around to listening to the new remaster. It's very nice! Since the original album was well-recorded, well-mixed, and well-mastered in the first place, there wasn't a lot to improve. Having said that, the 2020 version does sound a little cleaner and has a little better sound balance. Nothing earth-shattering, but it does sound a bit better overall. As I expressed in earlier posts, I'm still a bit disappointed that what was on offer in the deluxe set wasn't nearly enough to make me entertain the thought of actually buying it (especially with the eye-watering price
  10. Well, all the states have been called by all the media organizations. Biden: 306 electoral votes; Trump: 232. The actual Electoral College doesn't convene and vote until December 14. In normal years, this transition period is fuss-free and without incident. However, when there is a bitter, petulant child-man in the White House, you get this weirdness we are currently experiencing. Fear not - think of the famous lines from Macbeth: "It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing." That is pretty much the Trump legal/PR strat
  11. Well, watching the news today was a bit surreal (even by Trump-era standards). It is quite clear that Trump and his closest minions definitely had a plan in place to attempt to steal the presidency in place before the election - in his usual “subtle” way, he even talked about it openly when asked questions by the press. He always wanted the election to be decided by either The Supreme Court (a lá, the Bush v. Gore case in 2000) or by the House Of Representatives (it is decided here if there is a tie in the Electoral College or if the delegates from enough states are disputed). Howeve
  12. Well, the Trump campaign proved my statement above partially yesterday. To have had a statewide recount in WI would have cost the campaign nearly $8 million. Trump was too cheap to do that (which proves that these recounts/legal challenges aren’t matters of principle - his campaign has the money; if the facts were on his side, he would authorize that amount) - however, his campaign has paid for (at the “bargain” price of $3 million) a recount of Dane County (home of Madison, the state capital) and Milwaukee County (home of the city of the same name and WI’s largest city). So, they ar
  13. Yes, you are! I entered that contest too! That was quite a show too: https://www.u2.com/tour/date/4421 U2 and Pearl Jam in Honolulu - my goodness... P.S. Happy birthday to Achtung Baby as well! My favorite album of theirs. 😎
  14. Thank you for being a good note taker back then! 😄 The earliest capture on archive.org of the site was August 2000, so that matches your diary. Thank you for remembering that it was in fact October when it went live. I knew that the release of ATYCLB and the launch of U2.com were very close; they were always linked in my mind. Still, it’s the birthday/anniversary of our site for our band. Virtual cake for everyone! 🎂 P.S. I do remember the Oracle - it was very cute.
  15. I found one of the archived versions of the placeholder for the site here: https://web.archive.org/web/20001018232428/http://www.u2.com/u2v1.html It's adorable to see how retro it looks now! 😄
  16. It's true! I can't remember the exact date it launched, BUT it was after the release of ATYCLB and before the majority of the tickets went on-sale online for the "Elevation" tour. Leg 1 of that tour went on sale in January 2001 - so, somewhere between now and sometime in early January next year, this site went live for the first time 20 years ago! U2 were a bit late in developing an official website, which was odd because they had always been (and have mostly continued to be) in the vanguard in regard to new technology. They may have waited to see how other bands were doing th
  17. “From your mouth to God’s ear”, as the old expression goes. Yes, some election soon TX will go blue, and the Republicans will have a lot more difficulty winning presidential elections from that point onward.
  18. Trump was even better for making America more Democratic again - Biden flipped five states actually from 2016: WI, MI, PA, AZ, and GA. The last two really show the changing demographics of the country (and were even more humiliating for Republicans to lose) - as I said when it happened, the Ghost of John McCain must have been very pleased with the AZ call. Let's hope Georgians can complete the job with the Senate runoff election in January.
  19. Yes - Milwaukee was the beginning of the reality of the 2020 election...and in regaining my sanity. 😄 In advance of the election, I was supremely confident of Joe Biden's impending victory. However, there was a time in the middle of Election Night (actually, very early Wednesday morning) where I was beginning to wonder if I would have to revisit my confident assessment. Trump was actually up microscopically in the Electoral Vote (something like 212-209), and Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were all uncalled and with Trump having either small or mirage-large leads in all three states
  20. Was that on the “Million MAGA March” news channel? 😄 (I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a more pointless and futile “march” than the one that went on today. They’ll have to get Sean Spicer to come back and say how it was the “largest crowd ever” in D.C. 🙄)
  21. ...and now the previously uncalled states have been called by all media markets! AZ and GA for Biden, and NC for Trump. So, the final Electoral College vote is 306 to 232 in favor of Joe Biden (with Biden winning the popular vote by an even wider margin than Hillary Clinton beat Trump by in 2016 - he’s currently up by more than 5 million votes nationally). 😎 As I pointed out in an earlier post, this is the exact margin of victory that Trump had four years ago, and he called that a “blowout”. (I think he’ll mischaracterize the margin this year...) I regard this total in the Elect
  22. I’ll test whether the latest iOS update changed anything on the pictures soon. The one year anniversary of the end of our trip was about a week ago - I just want to thank @andryu2 yet again for a great U2-oriented holiday! I simply couldn’t have had better company. 😊
  23. Status update: Pay attention to those two Senate runoff elections in GA coming in early January. They are the most consequential runoffs in recent memory - they will decide whether McConnell is Senate Majority Leader again or whether he will need to share that title w/ Chuck Schumer (and have VP Harris at the ready to break any 50/50 ties). The remaining uncalled states in the presidential contest should be called very soon (those are GA, NC, and AZ (for some media outlets - others have already called AZ for Biden)). For the media outlets who haven’t already called AZ for Biden, that
  24. Be more saddened than worried. I know the firings and positioning of stooges in their place look terrible (because they are); however, the newly-installed (and currently serving) clowns would need to get cooperation from one group they will never cooperation from: the actual people in uniform themselves. Continue to pay attention to what they do and say, obviously. However, I think all the actions since the election was called are just to settle political scores and/or to attempt to conceal information of their unethical/illegal activities. The spineless congressional Republicans are
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