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  1. I was at the match in Croke park today stayed for a pint after. They are getting it ready already
  2. still waiting for the collector ticket. Was a 2nd email from ticketmaster to say the tickets we dispatched?
  3. In my opinion you don't need to be right by the rail it means you have to go right in when doors open and don't move you can see more from a small bit back and you can walk around get a pint and pick up the atmosphere. Maybe q if there is a pit that you can get your wrist band.
  4. I got my paper tickets. If you check your account the collector say not despatched yet
  5. Looks like the Ga will have 2 entrances Red and green route my pitch 2 are red I saw others pitch 2 green route so it looks lik queing early may not be allowed What entrance do others have
  6. Have the ticket page open with count down as early as you can and be logged in. Know your verified by visa password and have it written down number so you can get position 2 3 5 etc quick. DO NOT PRESS REFRESH Be as quick as you can to choose the seats
  7. There were pitch 2 I was lucky enough to get 4 by 901 this morning
  8. Looking at seatwave in Ireland a site owned by Ticketmaster and tickets priced at €78 being sold for €1000. There sites should be stopped
  9. There are tickets on ticketmaster.ie for Monday and Tuesday €191 each
  10. Presale starts at 10 am tomorrow on ticketmaster.ie Ireland and n Ireland only no email yet
  11. Looking at the stage design there looks like there is no pit for this tour would not work with the stage setup
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