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  1. I’ve got mine. Only a tiny store but they had 10 copies
  2. I'm in the UK and the tracking never worked for me. I received an email on 12/06 and the DVD was delivered yesterday so they are definitely on their way 😀
  3. I just had an email from ticketmaster and thought of this thread. It says that the show is a credit card / debit card entry event only.
  4. It seems so long still till Dublin in November. I've managed to stay away from everything about the tour so far but in the last week little things have been creeping in to my consciousness ?
  5. TM is still saying 10:00 with less than an hour to go. The only tickets saying 09:00 are the platinum ones
  6. Thanks. I've got an unused u2eia code so hopefully I'm good to go in the morning
  7. I've heard people are getting another code for Dublin/Belfast? I haven't used my code yet so will my old code work that I received before the European pre-sales started or do I need a different one?
  8. Not American but I will hopefully going to Dublin for the first (and probably only) time. B&B is booked so I just need to get a pair of those lovely GA's in the morning (although tbh I'll be happy with anything). Is it going to be with ticketmaster?
  9. There has always been standing but it sounds like it will be hard to get hold of them. Last nights BBC program will definitely have made tickets harder to get. I'm going for Dublin (I've always said I would but always chickened out) so I'll be happy to get anything. Hopefully I'll get GA but I'm happy to settle for back of stage or nosebleeds
  10. We started queuing by gate A and then were corralled by gate C where everyone was taken in
  11. That's really helpful thanks. It's making me rethink how I'm going to get back to my hotel though. I was going to use the bus but if there's none until an hour after then I might need to catch a train to feltham station and find a bus from there.
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