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  1. You need to re-read my post more closely and appreciate that it’s directed at the inequity of Innocence members who just signed up getting codes at the expense long timer like me who got no code. Lapses happen. And, fwiw, a lot of long time fans are friends with each other. They share their tickets with each other. “I’ll get two for this show and you get two for that show and we’ll trade one-for-one afterwards.” Otherwise, how would you explain so many of those fans having GAs for shows whose presales started at the same time and day? The resale sites are full of speculative ticket listings. Google it. Ticketmaster has a page on it as well. The secondary market listings always grow exponentially after the second group presales occur as well. Look, people got screwed and it would have taken little effort to check someone’s renewal history to make sure long timers got codes.
  2. I understand what you’re getting at, but the reality is that tickets are still available in the presales for the limited shows announced so far. The initial shows of each city should always favor the Experienced group. The sad fact is that there are Innoncence members out there who became a member in the last few minutes before registration closed that have presale tickets while Propaganda-era Experienced members did not even get a code. Damn, not even a code. Think about that. Forget about getting the tickets with the code. They didn’t even get a code. Wow. Just wow.
  3. Thanks for trying. All of the Mods deserve space to get things in order. It wasn’t their fault but they are trying their best to fix it. And yes, I was screwed too and still haven’t gotten my verified code/text. And yes, I go back to Propaganda. And finally, no, I don’t blame the band. Things go wrong and they did here. I’m living, breathing and dreaming out loud that GAs appear for MSG once my code appears.
  4. Me too. But RZs and GAs were available for the Saturday LI show though.
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