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    Austin, TX
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    Live music, cycling, watching American football and Real football, spending time with wife of 27 years, following son's Drum Corps International adventures.
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    Changes all the time. As Enzo Ferrari would probably answer: the next one.
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    Man, I can't answer this :).
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    Joshua Tree Tour 1987 - LA Sports Arena
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    Tulsa - 5/2/18
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    Another tough one. Can't answer.
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    Like asking someone to pick their favorite child.
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    Joy Division, Neil Young, Jack White, Bob Dylan, Soundgarden, David Bowie, The Decemberists, Husker Du, James McMurtry, Peter Hook & The Light, the list goes on and on.

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  1. If this does get a commercial release, presumably on BluRay, it won't say "U2COM15" on it. I guess it's my obsessive-compulsive nature, but this alone makes it different enough for me. As long as they continue to provide a subscriber gift I will continue to subscribe and not worry about what it is. I love all of them, including the vinyl that sits on my shelf never played. I have U2COM1 through U2COM14, so no stopping now :).
  2. Really hoping for a scope during Acrobat for this last time.
  3. Mixlr on phone, Periscope surfing on iPad and this forum on laptop. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  4. u2gigs is back on as well. The two sound a bit different, so will need to see which one sounds better.
  5. On mine the shipping email shows my old address but the order page in the shop shows the correct address. I e-mailed them and will try calling tomorrow. I also updated my address months ago. I'm sure they will make it right one way or another.
  6. No doubt! I get a little sad at the end of every show, so the last one is going to be really tough!!! So glad that we are able to listen to and sometimes even watch all of these shows!
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