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  1. Looking forward to meeting you all at the Hard Rock in Phoenix :-) I just read this on the @U2 forum (someone contacted the Boston arena): - the Boston GA sounds similar to how Springsteen does the GA line (numbered wristband and then random number to start entering the arena) Will be interesting if all venues do this or just Boston. "I sent a message to the TD Garden this morning after reading the FAQ and received this response: Our policy for GA is giving wristbands in the morning and then returning at an assigned time to line up according to the number on the wristbands. At
  2. Does anyone know about parking options for the Forum? I see people selling parking vouchers on ebay already - can you just drive up and pay/park the night of the show ?(not sure why people pre-pay parking) thanks!
  3. what time do people plan on lining up for GA? I am going alone to the shows and would like meet up/hang out with other U2 fanatics! I think I read somewhere online that on the past tours, overnight camping out was not allowed at the phoenix show (I don't remember which venue it was). I am interested In the May 21 Hard Rock party. I hope the weather isn't too hot while waiting in the GA line. thanks! Raj thanks for the info on the baseball game (go Cubs! (I'm from Chicago)
  4. Hi I'm planning on going (solo) to both Phoenix shows (GA) Is anyone here interested in splitting a hotel room? Please email/reply if interested. thanks!
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