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  1. They only pressed 30,000 copies of the gold vinyl. Not exactly a huge seller I don't think, and still easy to find in shops over a year later. And so many bought that one recently, how many really would go out and buy another one?
  2. I too bought the VIP tickets because they promised an EXCLUSIVE gift not available anywhere else. Lets be honest the VIP perks are pretty crap otherwise. Your seats are available for a fraction of the price if you didn't buy the VIP package. And the VIP party is usually pretty lame. Bad DJ, bad food, and a couple of drink tickets which I didn't use. No I shelled out the extra money for the VIP gift. And I couldn't be happier with it. It looks great. But if they suddenly made it available to everyone I'd be cranky. And they'd break the contract they made when they offered me an exclusive
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