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  1. If you still have it I’ll take it pal , I’ve got two seated and looking for 2 Ga
  2. On the rattler to Manc town , missed Madrid due to a poorly child , ( still not forgiven him ) sooo looking forward to it ?
  3. Received my cd in the post this morning, where do I find the presale code for the tour as promised when I purchased the album???
  4. I'm here in Amsterdam, looking for 2 tickets for today , please
  5. Do you have any to sell ? I'm looking for 2
  6. If your selling your seated can you let me know , I'll be in amsterdam from Friday afternoon ?
  7. Still looking for 2 for sat , this time I'll get notifications ?
  8. Need two GA tickets for Amsterdam, Sat show ?
  9. http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/event/36004D82E95F99DB?page=tmuk&tmid=36004D82E95F99DB
  10. Ticketmaster are now selling tickets online, if you pay an extra £55 for a U2.com subscription you can purchase tickets , won't be any left by Monday
  11. I think she would be wasting $40 unless of course she wants a nice book and 25% off the online store
  12. It amazes me how these companies can sell tickets for silly prices before general sale , how do they get hold of the tickets in the first place
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