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  1. There were VIP packages available for Chicago last week, but not this week. Now the page for the June 28 show (and others) has this note: Tickets are no longer available through this online outlet. Please contact the box office or promoter for other available ticket outlets. Did I hesitate just a little too long, or is there another way to get a VIP package now?
  2. Joe, thanks so much for putting together such an outstanding guide! I read it a couple weeks ago, and learned a lot from it! I'm wondering if the video wall is visible from any part of GA at all.. Will you please comment on that?
  3. My overdue thanks to everyone for all the information and feedback! This helps a lot, and I'm getting excited for my first GA/line experience!
  4. I have a GA for 5/23 I'd be interested in trading for a good lower level seat somewhere mid-arena (mid-way between stages). I'd pay you the price difference, of course (the GA cost $85.25 total), but I'm interested in trading only for a really good seat. (I see GA trades happening here in the forum, so clearly it's possible, but I don't know how it works since the purchaser is supposed to scan the credit card at the entry.)
  5. Ms Innes

    Big screens

    How visible is the screen from GA -- on the rail -- and also further back behind everyone's heads (esp. if you're not very tall)?
  6. I'm flying to Phoenix in May and 'doing' GA for the first time ever. I'm nearly as old as the boys in the band, but I'm psyched to get up close and personal for the first time in 30 years! Since I'm a newbie at this, I need GA line-sitting tips... I have a disposable air pillow to rest my old bones on, and will bring munchies and water. What else do I need to bring, and need to know, to be well-prepared? Any and all advice is greatly welcomed!
  7. Definitely still relevant.. and rockin'! For me, a show would be as incomplete without Bad as without Streets.
  8. That IS really awesome. Thanks for posting it! Things like this give a much-needed fresh perspective on the pettiness of the inter-human conflicts we have carried out since time immemorial on this tiny, insignificant, little blue dot out here somewhere in the inconceivable vastness of space. Several years ago, I made the Astronomy Picture of the Day site my homepage. It can be a good reminder each day not to sweat the small stuff. (http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/)
  9. I would love to hear some tracks from Pop live, esp. Mofo! Now THAT'S a rocker! As for what kind of band U2 is, Bono has himself said on many occasions they "come from punk rock". Although I (a fan since '83) personallyconsider them rock, they have expanded their sonic repertoire in a variety of ways over the years, and that's what keeps them interesting. If they hadcontinued with the same sound from any of their excellent earlier eras, they would have ultimately become one-note, boring, and irrelevant. Instead they shakeit up and do something different every few years, and I've only been disappointed twice (w/ Behind and Bomb). Thank goodness they DO shake it up, becauseafter Behind and Bomb, I anticipated NLOTH cautiously... and I'm happy to say it restored my faith that U2 still desire to heed their muse.
  10. Infin8tum wrote: Is that tattoos are not feminine. I am a man and I have a couple of tattoo's. Make up obviously is feminine when used correctly. I think tattoo's on women are just wrong. Even on women who dress and look like men! Im not keen on tribal marks on women either, they just dont carry it off very well. Some things are masculine and some things are feminine. Like women body builders, they look stupid. If you don't like tattoos on women, don't look at them. Tattoos, makeup, jewelry, hairstyles, clothing... any 'norms' are merely cultural, and there actually are. no. rules. Isn't that great!? We havethe freedom to be and express ourselves however we like. The world is a very big place.. free your mind.
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