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  1. Still trying. Nothing. Never had problems like this. Can anyone help?
  2. Didn't work. It just won't give me the option to buy red zone.
  3. Help!!! Can someone send me the link to get Red Zone to come up for London 2???
  4. http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/u2-the-joshua-tree-tour-london-08-07-2017/event/1F005226A95E525C?artistid=736365&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=1&did=uklnfan2ps Thank you!!!
  5. What's going on. When I enter my Red Hill code no option appears for Red Zone.
  6. Under standing for Twickenham it gives a description of red zone, but doesn't offer any way to actually buy the tickets.
  7. MiniRoll, I hope so as well. I find it odd that TM has the Red Zone tickets up as an option for the Dublin presale, but not for London.
  8. Has anyone found the Red Zone listing for London on TM?
  9. There's no Red Zone listing for the London show on TM...
  10. I spoke with TM about this yesterday. My credit card will be expiring next month and they said to bring the expired card as well as the replacement and the venue will have to compare them and confirm the information is the same. They refused to transfer my ticket to a different card.
  11. Hi everyone, Hoping some folks that are typically in charge of the numbering system will reply to this. It occurred to me that with the GA tickets, since this is credit card entry, everyone you're including with your order will need to enter the venue at the same time. Now, with the initial line numbering, is it necessary for everyone associated with your order to arrive at the number distribution at the same time or could the card-holder arrive and secure their place as well since you would all need to enter at the same time or risk hold up the GA line for everyone. Just looking for some clarification to avoid a potential mess. Thanks!
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