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  1. Thanks, Joe. Must just be coincidence among my acquaintances then...
  2. I have been on the 'bad' receiving end of the random Verified Fan thing before for other non-U2 shows. You get a message saying that you've been verified, but it's stated very clearly that of the verified fans, random ones will be selected for codes. In the case we've been dealing with today, it seems different -- is there anyone who got the rejection mail who DIDN'T order Joshua Tree tickets with a code? All my friends who ordered JT tickets got the rejection mail and all who didn't got codes. - Paul
  3. @lizzykatz @toyoracer If you haven't already, read the recommended post pinned to the top of this page that gives instructions on what to send the mods regarding the rejection e-mails. There still may be hope!
  4. I clicked on Max Tsukino's name and then clicked on the envelope there. I see the message in my Messages box to him. I don't know if that was the correct method, but that's what I did... - Paul
  5. Thanks, @Max Tsukino - PM sent. I'm in the 'bought Joshua Tree tickets and renewed this month' camp. I hope the whole thing is just a clerical error! - Paul
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