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  1. I have been a fan since my Irish father would take me back home to visit my relatives in Ireland and I first heard Boy as a youngin, and I must say I happily cannot disagree with you more. This album has moved me so many times today. Tears were flowing as 13 came on to beautifully close out this work of art. The fact this band can still move me 30+ years later like they did when I was a teenager is to me, phenomenal. I absolutely love this album, rooftop to the basement.
  2. Great, thank you so much for the info!!
  3. I'm sorry, but I've been a fan for 30 plus years - I've traveled extensively to go to shows, etc., and for the absolute first time I feel hosed by this band - I didn't use my JT presale codes, but had to renew a subscription that was nowhere near expiring in order to be entered into a "maybe you will get a presale code" lottery that absolutely was not explained clearly before I renewed?? (I STILL don't have my code for tomorrow btw but trying to remain hopeful it will show up!) That, my dear U2 fan friend, is a hose job. To also be fair to the band, I have never never gone wrong with wa
  4. Do you mean on the day of the presale? Thanks for your help!
  5. Thanks - I wasn't in the country so forgot to renew my membership in time for the first presale. Here's hoping I actually get a code for tomorrow! (can't believe after all these years as a fan I have to *hope* for a presale code! LOL)
  6. I'm in the Innocence group but haven't received a code - does anyone know should I have already received one at this point? Thanks for any info!
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