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  1. Got lucky - was in 'waiting room' and it took me right in. Got 2 GA - I would keep trying.
  2. Do we need to choose a show for the U2. com presale? My account says it is set up and I don't remember choosing a city. Thanks!
  3. The Madison Square Garden page on TM shows the IE stage set up
  4. Just got them on the TM app!! get the App!!!
  5. my code wont work now. I seriously could cry right now.
  6. Been trying since 10 am for NYC - Sunday 7/19 - had tix in cart - payment info in and site crashed. Then it would not take my code. Eventually the code worked again. Still trying. This is taking way too long. I'm at work.
  7. Hello, my U2 family! In August of 1993, I was the winner of a U2 radio contest!! I won a trip from Philly to Dublin to see the last night of the Zooropa Tour! It was a completely amazing experience and I still cannot believe it happened - 21 years later! I flew to Dublin with my new husband - we will be married 22 years this month and we still go to as many U2 shows as we can - three kids later! I wrote a letter to Propaganda to tell them about my experience. In my letter I wrote that at that moment, we felt like were at the coolest place on the planet (true!) and my letter was printed! Fast forward to 2011 - Edge signed my Propaganda and I got to tell him my story. His response: "Wow!". He was so nice and really listened to my story. He was impressed! Here are some pics - my letter from WMMR Radio in Philly, pics of the Bonavox Hearing Aid Shop, the Principle Management door bell, our tickets, the Zoo money my husband caught, and a pic of Edge from 2011 and his autograph. My letter was called "Wonderful". And it was! #unforgettablegig Cheers, Mari
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