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  1. Go buy tickets in the app, all! It just worked for me.
  2. I've had tickets ready to buy no less than three times. This is amateur.
  3. well its not fair to we who paid to be in this club and got presales, and have been in the club for a while, its not fair to people who buy the presales onebay cause i'm sure the prices high.
  4. good luck you guys, still waiting for the u.s. shows =/
  5. ummm, i can agree with it. in terms of visibility, they are bigger than the beatles. but keep in mind that the beatles broke up, then unfortunately two passedso that has an effect on their "bigness." artistically better is another story, pretty hard to answer.
  6. welcome to the zoo! a happy home for a the u2 crazies lol jk
  7. if there's an A after U2 in your presale code you're horizon, B= breathe, C=Boots. and you have to be a paying member.
  8. its either going to be a bside or its going to go on the next album. but yeah, its on linear, 3rd song in i think.
  9. yeah eno/lanois aren't members perse, but they def. got a nod with the song writing credits this album, cause they have cowritten before i believe, could be mistaken. either way, they are indespensible.
  10. i like it how they have it now, they need more variety though: songs they haven't played or rarely played. they could drop some of the stalwart songs. ilike your idea about the encore, that's def. do-able. and yeah, i really don't need to see an opener, i didn't pay to see an opening act (nooffense to the openers), but i understand its a kind of tradition, homage to how U2 got big i guess.
  11. a very successful presale. *santa, i've been very good* lol
  12. how bout beautiful day on letterman and gma? is it me or was bono in top singing form? it was a like a flashback 10years for me.
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